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Eco-Swag: Getting Serious Lip Action to Test Lip Action

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Lip Action by Kiss My FaceKiss My Face, the self-proclaimed “obsessively natural” skin care company has partnered with Whole Foods to sell an exclusive lip balm line called Lip Action, available beginning today in Whole Foods stores nationwide. With each lip balm purchased from Lip Action, 1 dollar will be donated to non-profit Alliance for Climate Protection, founded by Al Gore. If you thought J. Crew had creative names for colors (butter, bark, citron, and burnished olive), you will officially love these lip balm names: Mango Melt, Berry Warm, Eco-Cocoa and Solar Citrus, to name a few. Although it retails at the same $3.50 price as their regular lip balms, Lip Action is clearly a special product and so I needed a different approach to testing it.

I first took Lip Action to my friend Dana, her mom Diane, and her roommate Mike. The mother/daughter team raved about the products being flavorless and having a pleasant, light smell (emphasis on the light). Dana said she liked how the balm produced a glossy effect but wasn’t sticky, which is usually the major flaw of a gloss product. When asked what he thought, Roommate Mike said it was a little too greasy for him but he did seem to think it lasted longer than other lip balms he has tried.

And Roommate Mike does brings up a good point: one of the main tests of a good lip balm is its durability. So, I decided to use the balm (does that phrase remind anyone else of Jackie Chiles in “The Maestro“, a great Seinfeld episode?) and then eat lunch. Surprisingly enough, I still had the product on my lips following a sandwich, Pringles, and a tall glass of water. Right on, Lip Action! But, eating wasn’t enough; for real durability testing I knew I needed to get some serious lip action.

Unfortunately, I’m not getting any serious lip action as of late and so I couldn’t personally test Lip Action the way it needed to be tested. Luckily, my friend Dion and his boyfriend Joe came through on a pinch to help out with the ultimate test. So, after applying the lip balm, they headed off for a heavy make-out session. Ten minutes later, I inspected their lips and to my surprise, the product was still there. While Joe said he like the “Coconut Crisis” smell a lot (my personal favorite because it smells like the coconut ice cream they sell out of pushcarts in my neighborhood), Dion said he appreciated that Lip Action stayed mainly on their lips and didn’t get smudged all around the mouth, like some balms do.

While I didn’t get anyone to kiss my face nor did it get me any lip action, the company has pledged up to 1 million dollars from profits to the Alliance for Climate Protection to combat the global warming. And it does soothe and moisturize. So, that’s reason enough to buy a lip balm that gives you righteous, shiny, happy lips.

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