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Mel Gibson hasn’t exactly had the best last couple years. Religious passions, anti-Semitic slurs, and various alcohol-related charges have clouded what otherwise has been a spectacular career. Financially, thanks in large part to Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, money is no longer a real concern — and it appears now that media scrutiny is making Mel leave the U.S. behind for a new jungle retreat.

Reports are coming in that Gibson has purchased a $24 million 400-acre ranch in Costa Rica. Already, he’s sold two of his homes in the United States and sources are reporting that “he’s planning to live in his new location for most of the year.” From the article,

“Gibson’s move will endear him to a nation that is big on conservation. Costa Rica is  famed for the richness and variety of its rainforest and wildlife and is home to five per cent of the world’s flora and fauna. The ranch is well away from temptation, located more than 300 miles from Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose.”

Mel’s new home will no doubt feature some green additions. The actor has been active in eco-friendly initiatives; including starring in 2006’s Who Killed The Electric Car documentary. Recently, he also became a primary investor (along with Bruce Willis) in Green Rubber Global. According to a post we wrote last month, Green Rubber “will use waste-free environmentally friendly technology to produce a rubber compound that can be used to make all kinds of products – including more tires.”

Space and a new setting may be just what Mel needs — he’ll also be using his new southern home to scout locations for his next film, an epic about the Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez De Balboa. Groovy. Hit the jump for more. 

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  • KD Griffin

    Costa Rica is a lovely country I hope he behaves himself and protects the environment.

  • sarah

    so maybe you’re trying to go into the liberal environmentalist thing whole-heartedly and thus, of course, you’re going to make snarky remarks about religion. however, i do not think that what you call the pursuit of “religious passions” is something that hindered his career.

    i enjoy this blog and read it daily. please do not get religious matters caught up in the fight to protect our environment. people from all walks of life — from the religious right to the liberal left — need to work together to make the human lifestyle evolve down a more sustainable path.


  • michael


    I couldn’t agree more that all people — from all walks of life — should come together on issues such as the environment. However, there was nothing snarky in my remark of Mel’s ‘religious passions’. It goes without saying that in interviews regarding his beliefs (and with respect, I say that they are strong views) had an impact on how people perceived him. It was all over the media. People were writing in upset and angry.

    So, I would argue that his passionate beliefs have in fact changed others’ opinions about him. Whether that matters in the scheme of things is anyone’s guess — but it’s certainly factored. Unfortunate as such things may be.

  • mike

    The article says nothing snarky about Mel. In fact it says how “The Passion” basically made him a lot of money.

  • marie

    Well Mel you are being srewed big time if you are paying 24 millions for that land I have a 300 hect in Osa for 3 millions,somebody is taking you for a ride and I dont like that at all and you are investing for a good cause,to protect tthe primary forest!!!

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  • Jose’

    How could his ranch be more than 300 miles away from San Jose?
    The whole country isn’t 300 miles across!