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I wonder what Justin Long thinks of The 11th Hour? This Ecorazzi video was recorded prior to all of the Leo madness. Definitely worth 50 seconds of your time.

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  • RemyC

    This is why we can’t get anything done that’s really making a major dent… cause he’s friends with “Le-oh…” and that he would have this “attitude” towards his friend “Le-oh…” is in great part Leo’s fault… and the media… and the cocoon… and the fields of force around celebrities which make them unapproachable… and the threat (real, or overblown) of rabid stalking fans out to get them… All I got to say to this is for Pete sake people, get over yourselves! It’s just video and celluloid… If you’re going to run an environmental organization, pick up the phone… BZ in this business means “go away” and as long as that non-chalance prevails, the bridges that need to be built between the green environmental leadership and the streets are forever going to be precarious at best. If you’re going to take on a cause, celebre or not, RUN THE ORGANIZATION yourself… otherwise turn the spotlight to the person who does… who “really” does… who does the heavy lifting, gets the work done… don’t hog the limelight for being green while you have a dozen paid staffers to handle your fan mail… be real!

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