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Seems like Al Gore III ain’t the only one experiencing a little lead foot action with the Toyota Prius. According to AutoBlogGreen, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak received a $700 ticket (ouch!) for going 105MPH in a Prius on March 28th. When pressed for comment, Woz denied the charges saying, “Not true,” Wozniak replied: “104 MPH.” “I pleaded guilty, with an explanation” he says. Apparently he’s driven all over the world and has “gotten used to kilometer speeds.” The judge wasn’t buying it, however, and fined him anyways. From the article,

“The Prius, Wozniak said, handled great at 104. And that wasn’t the first time he reached the speed that sends shudders down my I-like-60-mph spine. The first time came one Thanksgiving when he decided to drive down to a Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank. ‘Highway 5 was empty that night and I made good time and was surprised to discover that the Prius was very stable, even with major gusting winds,’ Wozniak said. Being used to a Hummer I expected the opposite.'”

Yes, the guy owns a Hummer, so don’t feel too terrible for him. But points to Steve for saying that he’s owned eight of Toyota’s hybrids over the years. Eight?! That’s about one per year since they first hit North America in 2001. Sounds like a fan.

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  • rebecca

    Think this is “for real” or a publicity stunt to show that eco-cars can go fast, too?

  • TJ Colatrella

    You know due to the car running on electric battery power alone at that speed, it may also be that people are even less aware of how fast they are going especially with the windows rolled up, as we are so accustomed to the roar of an engine in relation to speed..!

    I hope Woz, gets one of the Compressed Air engine cars already available in India, they are the future..

  • Steve

    nice. damn, he got fat.

  • Gary

    ooh!, 8 portable self-contained toxic waste dumps. Nickel cadmium for everyone!

  • Steve

    A $700. fine is like $.07 to Wozniak; not much of an ouch factor.

  • Richard

    It doesn’t matter how eco-friendly you think he is – if he’s on his 8th Prius that sort of indicates he’s part of the disposable society. The production of a car generates greenhouse gases too. A car should last you years and years. Replacing a car any quicker than (say) every 10 years generates more greenhouse gas emissions than you could possibly save by driving an eco-friendly car.

  • Samson

    A measely $700 ticket. Come to finland, that speeding would cost you your monthly wage, no matter how much you make. And get your drivings licence “on the shelf” to “slow down” for weeks.

    You can plead the shelving of the licence if you have to be able to drive to make your living, but the Finland has the world record speeding tickets. There is one guy at Nokia whos paid over 100 000 € in fines for doing 47 on 31 mph zone, and loads of people that have made tens of thousands of euros in fines.

    Check this if you can’t believe it

  • jessica

    points for owning 8 cars in 8 years? sounds anti-environmental to me…

  • Hyrum

    Doesn’t sound like big news to me.

  • Dave

    Considering that the Prius is still using the same technology it had when it was first introduced, getting a new one so often is completely wasteful. I hope the used versions found their way to people who would not be that way. Of course it seems most Priuses out there are owned by the trendy, who will dump it when the next stylish cars comes around. I imagine they traded their Mini Cooper for the Prius, and the Cooper was obtained by trading in their VW Bug.

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  • Jon

    Nope, the Prius is not in electric mode above 25MPH, so he was just flat out speeding and knew it full well. You can ignore the laws when you have a fat wallet though, right?
    Oh, and the Prius uses NiMH batteries not NiCd, so no cadmium there!