by Michael dEstries
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This is rather funny coming from Jack considering his entire family admits that they do not recycle. Perhaps he should look first at his own life before commenting on others?

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  • John Bailo


    Like how much candlepower did it take to produce “The Osmonds”, and his Dad’s concerts — if counted retroactively to 1969 — would need to buy more carbon “Credits” than Con Edison to make up for the damage…

  • mgb

    Its easy to criticize Jack Osbourne for his own practices, but thats a little beside the point. He was just speaking his mind about what he thinks about Madonna.

    Sure, the Osbourne’s don’t recycle, but they’re not the ones pretending to be “green.”

  • michael

    I don’t know, man. The Osbourne’s presented at Live Earth and have promoted the fact that they drive a hybrid, etc. To me, if you get up there and represent, you’d be better to address your own hypocrisy than attack another’s.

  • RemyC

    Re-read the lyrics of the first half dozen Black Sabbath albums, and wonder, what the heck happened?