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If there’s one thing I secretly love, it’s fashion. Granted, it isn’t completely obvious by my daily ensemble of organic cotton tee and jeans, but it’s true. I’ve spent more than a couple blissful Saturday mornings pouring over Vanity Fair’s Green issues.

You can imagine my delight to see that green fashion has really taken off. Sure, we’ve all been salivating over eco-friendly denim from Del Forte and Loomstate. And let’s not forget designs from Stella McCartney, but these trend setting enviros have created a buzz in the fashion industry that’ll make any fashion-queen bee happy.

The fall ’07 lines are greener than ever, and Deborah Lindquist is one eco-clothier that mega stars can’t seem to get enough of. Lindquist’s green designs have been seen all over Hollywood – Gwen Stefani, Charlize Theron, and Christina Applegate have all been spotted wearing her recycled and vintage pieces.

The designs are also reportedly catching the attention of ultra-feminine celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Lucy Liu, and Paris Hilton (you thought you could read a blog without seeing her name!).

Looks like proof that global warming isn’t the only thing heating things up!

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  • Courtney

    It is such good news that eco-fashion is really taking off…since conventionally grown cotton is one of the most polluting crops on the planet, it will have such a great impact on the health of our earth to make the switch. Check out Indigenous’ fabulous organic fashions too. Not only are they Whole Foods biggest selling clothing brand, and they are producing Eileen Fisher’s organic knits, but their gorgeous organic styles will also be in a bunch of Dillard’s stores this fall!! Eco-clothing is really making a difference! Without sacrificing style! YAY!

  • Kate

    Deborah Lindquist’s line is brilliant!! If I were a wealthy girl…

  • Jennifer

    Happy to see the hype in eco-fashion hitting the general public. Does it matter if the designers are doing just to make money off us guilt-ridden consumers, I guess not as long as we are over charged for our eco-friendly hearts. Interesting article from designer today in NYTimes titled Green and Fashionable(, hard to tell if he really cares about our environment or wants to make a buck. The good news is that stock of green companies do better, that’s evidence that the people can change big business, which is quite empowering!