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We often get comments with people praising their celebrity idols — genuflecting at the mere mention of Madonna or Leo. However, on our past story regarding the breakup of environmental activist Laurie David and her comedian husband Larry David, we received this from Josh Rachlis:

“Whatever the reason they broke up, the fact remains she’s going to be single. Which means it’s finally my chance to marry her. Who could resist someone who is so passionate about saving our world? Certainly not me. So I have recorded a video of me asking her to marry me. I’ve posted it online. But it’s been a couple of days now and she hasn’t gotten back to me. So she obviously hasn’t seen it yet. Thus, if anyone knows her, it would be great if you could forward it to her.”

Josh, we’re not sure if this will help, but we’re posting your hilarious video below. We wish you luck and really dig the ring you’ve picked out for her. Check it:

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  • rebecca

    He’s also done one called An Inconvenient Ruth. But the proposal is just too good.

  • Josh Rachlis

    Wow, thanks guys! I had no idea you had put this up. I only just found it now because I was googling “Josh Rachlis” and “Jay Leno” and this link popped up for some reason. Thanks so much for joining the cause. I will for sure reserve a whole ecorazzi table at my wedding to Laurie David if, I mean WHEN, it happens. If Laurie doesn’t see my proposal now, I don’t know WHAT she’s doing with her time. Other than devoting every waking minute to fighting global warming, I mean.

    (Oh, and why was I googling “Josh Rachlis” and “Jay Leno,” you ask? Well, an account guy at work here just mentioned that a creative director at work mentioned that she heard that my marriage proposal was mentioned on Jay Leno’s show. I said that the creative director must have misunderstood. But I googled it, just in case. And I found your post. Which proves that you never know what’s out there! So maybe I’ve been on Leno after all and just don’t know it yet. In which case, hopefully Laurie watches Leno!)

  • TC Caldwell

    Great proposal…very sweet. Can’t wait to see the music video! :)

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