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In a landmark partnership bringing direct political dialogue to an entirely new level, Myspace and MTV announce the first-ever interactive, real-time dialogues between the leading Presidential candidates and America’s Youth. Senator Clinton, Senator Obama, and Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, are just a few of the candidates scheduled to be part of the live events that will take place on college campuses nationwide, air on MTV and mtvU, be webcast live on and MySpaceTV and feature candid, unfiltered discussions between young people and all the major Republican and Democratic candidates. The interactive events, each an hour in length, are designed to break through the standard election-cycle discourse to enable instantaneous community participation and feedback.

While voters got a taste of the new age of political dialogue via the YouTube debate in July, the immediacy of this type of interaction challenges these candidates to communicate their messages at a new level of transparency for a younger, digitally savvy, and obviously eco-conscious voter population. While all of the candidates have stepped up their political outreach strategies by having a MySpace page and some YouTube videos, (and there have been some good/painful ones) these are merely first steps. This new partnership between MySpace and MTV will clearly keep the candidates (and their staff) on their toes in an effort to communicate their message while maintaining an ease and comfort that must come across in order to be effective. A total of 11 dialogues, each featuring one presidential candidate, will be held from September through December on college campuses across the United States. They will be streamed live and voters will be able to IM, email, and text questions. Former Senator John Edwards will be the first to brave the digital access waters in the early primary state of New Hampshire on Thursday, September 27. While we will remain on the green side of the issue, check out Grist to find out how green the candidates really are and check out the MySpace Impact Channel to see the full line-up of candidates participating.

  • Dee Lightly

    Great step for the candidates to take, and a surprisingly responsible move by MTV. The big issue is whether or not MTV viewers will actually pay attention to it. I hope that it will actually turn some young people on to politics, instead of making them say “They pre-empted Laguna Beach for this?”

    It’s a smart move for any candidate to court this market to begin with. Don’t forget how it helped Clinton in the ’92 elections. If anything, this will have to be more effective than P. Diddy’s ridiculous “Vote or Die” campaign.