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21651877-sienna.jpgSienna Miller joins fellow starlets Kate Bosworth, Rosario Dawson, and Heather Graham in supporting  Global Cool, a campaign using fashion to address Global Warming.  Showcasing the eco-friendly trademark T-shirt which reads “The People Versus Global Warming,” Miller has joined the organization as an ambassador and is doing her part to raise awareness of carbon emissions.  According to sources,

The British actress, who is more famous for her street and red carpet style than her film career, has visited India as part of the campaign to raise awareness of carbon emissions.  Speaking in Mumbai, Miller said, “I’m here in India to help spread the word about Global Cool and how we can all make a difference in tackling climate change issues.”

Buy the organic bamboo/cotton blended t-shirt at and help the organization reach its goal of reducing carbon emissions by one ton per year.

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