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osmond.jpgDonny Osmond has found television success (again) as host of the wildly popular BBC show, Identity. What’s it about? “Identity is an intense game of impulse and reasoning stretching the contestants’ powers of judgement, perception and instinct as they attempt to match 12 complete strangers with their secret identities. The more strangers they identify, the more cash they win.”Thrilling! Anyways, beyond guessing who the first bond girl is or strongest man in the world, the toughest test anyone has encountered so far is guessing who the vegan is; which is actually rather amusing since that’s like guessing who likes ice cream. As the article points out, being a vegan is no longer something “eclectic individuals” practice.

“Just what does a typical vegan look like? These days it’s hard to tell, the old stereotypes painted by the media of skinny, bearded, smelly left wing hippies are long gone. There was recently a two page feature in the Daily Mail detailing the diary of one of their journalists who went vegan for a month and cut his cholesterol levels by nearly 25%. With the realisation that a vegan diet and lifestyle can be a recipe that’s kinder to the environment, kinder to health and of course kinder to animals, people from all walks of life and all age groups are becoming vegan.”

Hilarious that someone has to guess this. You can try and spot your own vegan over at Typical Vegan.

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    how do you enter the bbc program idenity