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abouttheatreimg1.jpgTreehugger has a great post about the green transformation of some performance theaters around the world. Three specific examples in the UK include the Arcola Theatre in London, the Young Vic Theatre, and The Barbican Arts Complex. Solar, fuel cells, grey water, efficient heating and cooling, and several other green additions are just a sampling of the eco-friendly themes being introduced. From the post,

“The Arcola Theatre has announced itself as the “world’s first carbon neutral theatre”. A small off-off “Broadway” venue, it is embarking on a new challenge “Arcola Energy“. Plans include a biomass heating system which will burn wood pellets instead of gas, solar panels on the roof, and fuel cells that create electricity without noise or pollution. In addition they will be creating an “energy technology incubator” – a space for scientists and engineers to research initiatives to tackle climate change.”

We should also note that Down Under, actress Cate Blanchett has plans to take the Sydney Theatre Company in a greener direction. She remarked, “We intend to initiate discussions with companies with the aim of making the building self-sufficient, to green the building. We are talking solar panels, rainwater, the works. This would ideally generate enough power to do a whole season off-grid. This would be the first theatre company in the world to do that.”

Better hurry up Cate! Seems other theatres are pursuing a similar M.O.! Hit the Treehugger story for more!

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