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With the anniversary of Steve Irwin’s unfortunate death approaching next week, daughter Bindi Irwin is making sure her father’s conservation efforts continue on. The new Bindi Wear International fashion line is an eco-friendly collection of t-shirts, jumpers, swimwear, sleepwear, hats, bags and shoes that carry environmental messages. An amazing 100% of the profits from the nine-year-old’s line will will be used to fund Australia Zoo’s conservation programs. From the article,

“The tags are made from recycled cardboard, the soles on the shoes are made with recycled rubber. ‘They are clothes with a message,’ Bindi said in Las Vegas. ‘We’re getting just further and further away from animals. If we keep making them into boots, bags and belts what are we going to be left with?'”

Apparently, not only are Australian stores lining up to sell the clothing, but American companies are also extremely interested in stocking up. This comes as little surprise as Steve Irwin’s passing resulted in an extreme amount of outpouring from the States, where his Crocodile Hunter television series was immensely popular.  We wish Bindi the best with her new venture and know her Dad would be proud. Hit the jump for more.

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  • Dana

    The increasing popularity of exotic reptile skins among high end designers is really concerning and I’m glad to see Bindi create a line free of skins. Lots of designers and celebs already eschew fur, but we need more to realize that reptiles shouldn’t be fashion victims too.

  • Nikki

    Steve Irwin was a great person and I hope everyone remembers him! I’m happy you love animals just like your dad! Go Bindi, encourage people to help animals:)_

  • Deena

    That little girl is amazing. I’m so happy to see the love of animals instilled in her by her dad will continue. It will be nice watching her grow up.

  • http://Bigpond MADDY

    Bindi is the coolest girl in the world. You are amazing for a 9 year old GO BINDI !!!!

  • Nicole Wade

    What an awsome family! You have the heart and the minds to Pull everyone to you and finally make people take notice and think! Go Irwin Family!!

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  • meagan walgers

    bindi is so cute and so much like her father i was a big fan of steven irwin xoxox luv u bindi

  • Julie Ann McGeorge

    Try as I might I can’t seem to find any reference to Bindi’s clothes being Fairly Traded. Organic – yes, at least some of them anyway. I would tink that Bindi and her family would see the value of totally GREEN production and Fair Trade in the manufacture of the clothing. If the clothes were Fair Trade I’m sure they would be saying so!

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  • Rene Delgado

    To one of the greatest wildlife conservation family out there I wish you the best in your endeavors. I’m looking forward to buying your clothes for my son. You’re a big influence in animal welfare and along with your mother and your father’s dreams you’ll go places. I have a Steve Irwin shirt I’d airbrush in the Crocodile Hunter’s honor that I treasure because of his great influence. Best of luck.

  • Margie

    Bindi didn’t create the clothing line, her image or brand is simply being used. I hope this little girl gets to be a child in between being used as a revenue generation machine by whoever is behind her. Her love of animals is sincere – why not let her enjoy that.