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truthWe had little doubt that Al Gore would follow-up An Inconvenient Truth with a sequel. Who could forget that heart-wrenching ending, the pictures of Earth in the balance, Gore alone on stage. I mean, what the hell happens next? Thankfully, a follow-up has been planned for Earth Day 2008 (April 22nd); but in paperback form — at least, for now. From the article,

“Gore is working on a new environmental book, ”The Path to Survival,” that will be released as a paperback original on April 22, 2008, Earth Day. According to publisher Rodale Books, Gore will continue where he left off in ”An Inconvenient Truth” and offer ‘a visionary blueprint for the changes we should make as a world community.’

‘He (Gore) explains how making bold choices now to protect our environment will also create new jobs, propel sustainable economic improvements, and inspire a new generation to tackle our most challenging issues with moral leadership,’ according to a statement issued Wednesday by Rodale. ‘Part scientific manual, part expose, part visionary call for a new planet-wide political movement, the book will appeal to those who were motivated by the call to action of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and who are now ready to fight for the solutions that were considered politically impossible only a short time ago.’”

The publishing camp denies that a movie version of the book is planned; so don’t start camping out in front of movie theaters just yet. Hit the jump for more.

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  • aronil

    I don’t think that he could ever top his first documentary film. But hey if the AIT 2 comes out, I am all for watching it! ^_^

  • http://lamarguerite.wordpress marguerite manteau-rao

    Good. Al’s first book did beg for a sequel. My hope is it will answer some of my questions, which I am sure are others’ questions as well. What are the definite scientific facts? What are the most important actions that one can take as an individual, a worker, and activist? I especially need help in the field of sorting out myths from reality. And of making the data speak in a way that is actionable for me as a citizen wanting to help. It would be great if this new book could become a bible of some sort for all the environmentalists.

    marguerite manteau-rao