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According to auction site eBay, musician Fergie — after becoming inspired by participating in the Live Earth concert series — resolved to take steps to lighten her eco footprint. First thing to go? Her 2005 Hummer. From the listing,

“Fergie decided to sell her HUMMER and donate all the proceeds to Global Green USA. The cynic may say that this is just transferring the negative effects of the vehicle to someone else, but in supporting Global Green USA, the charity is donating carbon emission credits for 10 years to offset the impact and in addition it is using the money to work on the important issue of climate change.”

To her credit, Fergie hasn’t taken this big guy out on the road too often; quoting “ultra-low” mileage in the listing. It’s also great to see that all the money from the auction will go towards Global Green USA to help support future environmental causes. Let’s hope the winner takes this beast and leaves it in a garage somewhere. Bidding ends September 15th! Hit the jump for more.

[UPDATE] Global Green USA wanted to chime in with the following:

“While we are pleased Fergie wants to get rid of her mega-polluting vehicle and grateful that she wants to give us the funds from her auction,  we wanted to make clear that carbon offsets do not neutralize the environmental impacts of these super polluting vehicles.  Carbon offsets should, in fact, only be used as a last resort when a consumer or business has taken every possible step to reduce their carbon footprint.  We suggest the polluting SUV be given to a museum in the hope that such has guzzlers become a relic of our past.”

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