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Pitzer College in Southern California has been hard at work with members of the student body to design a new series of efficient, sustainable, eco-friendly dorms. Treehugger’s Kenny Luna summed up the new design nicely:

“The dorm itself, according to one student, ‘looks like a resort’, with muted colors to help it blend in with the mountains behind it, organic gardens run by students, a cactus landscape to conserve water, and rooftop gardens to help conserve energy and reduce runoff. They’ve also chosen to include a solar energy system to both create electricity and heat the pool, low-flow shower heads, dual-flush toilets, and even windows that include an automatic shut-off that cuts the hi-efficiency heating and cooling systems when the windows open.”

Not only that, but the green additions are shooting for Gold LEED certification using recycled steel and other materials; with 80% sourced within 200 miles of the campus to cut down on energy costs and emissions. We’ve also received word that Robert Redford and Ed Begley Jr. will be on hand September 24th to tour the dorms and cut the official red ribbon. A future episode of Living With Ed will follow Begley checking out the the site while under construction. Sounds like a great project! Hit the jump for more.

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  • Allie

    That’s awesome! I wish more schools would do this! What a great way to get students involved in the environment while they are forming habits they’ll take with them beyond school!

  • sarcastic journalist

    I have to admit this is pretty cool….though a pool? Sheesh, what ever happened to studying? Or, you know, slumming it in college?

    I have to wonder, in the organic gardens, if they’ll plant a certain green plant that so many college students enjoy smoking. I’m sure that’d be a good way to really get the buzz out.

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