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ecobag.jpgTo celebrate the 59th annual Emmy Awards on September 16, Hearts on Fire Diamonds and the Environmental Media Association is hosting the ultra-exclusive “GREEN WITH ENVI” eco-chic celebrity gift lounge. To carry all the green goods given away, the two groups have selected ECOBAGS as the official bag of the suite. These environmentally-friendly cloth bags are emblazoned with the line, “Nothing On Me is Plastic” and will be dished out to the celebrity attendees and VIPs. Sharon Rowe, founder and president of Eco-Bags, will also be on hand to answer any questions and help people learn a little more about the 3Rs. From the release,

“’Public figures and celebrities really have the power to influence change,’ says Rowe. ‘Al Gore has helped the world embrace the importance of saving our planet, and now we just need to help the individual incorporate the basic tenets of environmentalism into their daily lives. Taking a reusable bag when you shop is a very easy lifestyle change that will actually be of great benefit to the planet. Opportunities like the ‘GREEN WITH ENVI’ suite give us the chance to put product in front of key influencers and those who can ignite change on a big level.'”

For their part Hearts On Fire Diamonds will be donating a $5,000 diamond brooch to EMA for an upcoming silent auction. Good developments all around for this year’s declared “green Emmys”. Hit the jump for more!

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  • lindsey

    too bad the phrase “nothing *in* me is plastic” couldn’t be true too…

  • Diana

    at least it’s not that awful Anya Hindmarch bag (though I’d bet money that they tried to get that one!) I guess it’s better than a plastic bag, but I wish people would really understand what being “environmentally friendly” means. Ecobags are most likely made in China, which opens up a whole other set of issues. Shouldn’t we try to produce locally as well as buy local produce?? That’s why I use minusbags. They are one of the few reusable bags that are actually made in the US– and they’re really cute.

  • Allie

    The thing that gets me about it is that the diamond industry in general is not eco-friendly, (or even humane in many cases, although Hearts on Fire claims their diamonds are conflict free), so this feels a lot like greenwashing.

  • Aliana

    Hi Diana,

    You are right that it is critically important to question what it really means for a company to be “environmentally friendly” or for that matter “socially responsible.” As this green wave washes over many businesses, each has attempted to address the issues in its own ways. As an Eco-Bags employee I can tell you that our bags are produced abroad (in India) and done so in a certified fair wage and fair labor environment. And we use fabrics that are as natural as possible, including SKAL certified organic cotton. These are a few of the ways we have chosen to address the current issues at hand and be an “environmentally friendly” company. I encourage you to continue to question the practices of green companies so that we can all be held to the highest standards possible and achieve the greatest results. Feel free to visit us at or send us an email with any questions.


    Eco-Bags Products, Inc.

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  • Larry Quin

    Nice to read your comments here and indeed we can understand in different ways about the ‘environmentally friendly’. Basic concept is 3R rules – Reuse – Reduce – Recycle.
    I used to see a company sell the used cardboard, that is also very popular, and now the recycled bottles made materials and products also are becoming popular. Like the Wal-Mart ” Paper or Plastic – Neither” bag is popularly sold and used.

    I think the green concept does not limit only material, but also the way to use the product, if we re-use it, then it is a reduce the times of consuming a product like tree or cotton made items.

    If you have any other ideas, please come to discuss with me.

    Best regards to all eco fans,

    Larry Quin (excuse me, for anti-spam of emails, change # to @, please)

    Or view our website

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