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googleavion.jpgIt has been revealed that Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin own a Boeing 767-200 jet. The two purchased the jet back in 2005 and just recently inked a deal with NASA to exclusive landing right at the private Moffett Field. We know private planes are the rage with those that have the cash; but it’s rare (beyond your Travoltas or Trumps) that someone has a 767 that can generally hold 181 people. This one is configured to hold 50 — and here’s why:

“It’s reported to have two staterooms, a shower, a large sitting and dining area, and around 15 first-class style seats.”

Apparently there was also a dispute over including king-sized beds or hammocks. When first purchased, Sergey and Larry justified the jet by saying it would be used to do “good for the world.” Unfortunately, it appears that all it’s been used so far is to ferry around a few key execs to meetings and seminars. The environmental waste of this excess perk cannot be discounted; especially since Google has long championed itself as a defender of the earth and promoted green and sustainable initiatives. To be fair, the company is leaps and bounds ahead of others in both donations, development, and action in the environment. We just wonder if having such a large plane fits this image. When asked this question Sergey responded to the Wall Street Journal back in 2005 saying, “We’ve worked very hard to make sure our [net] impact on the environment is positive.”

Why not go all the way guys? Ditch that monster. Hell, we’d feel better if you switched to some smaller, more efficient private jets instead. But feel free to baffle us with commercial. I hear first class these days comes with beds. Hit the jump for more. 

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    Here are the next 5 items Google might buy from NASA.

  • katy

    there seems to be among some of the wealthy green that if they get others to do good, they don’t have to themselves.

  • raspforair

    it just ain’t easy to be GREEN. LOL