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Naomi Campbell Lashes Out At PETA, Still Sounds Lame

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Naomi Campbell has addressed her hypocrisy on decrying fur and then promoting it by sayings she was offended by PETA’s tactics towards the industry. The former super-model was a one-time participant in PETA’s “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign but was quickly dropped after she chose to wear fur in a fashion show. From the article,

“Campbell now aims to set the record straight on the issue and remains defiant about her love of fur. She says, ‘When PETA started targeting (Vogue editor) Anna Wintour and (designer) Karl Lagerfield and putting dead animals on their plate, I felt that they went too far and I thought, I didn’t want to be a part of this campaign anymore. (But) I do like wearing fur and I still do.'”

Wow, Naomi — you must have really gone into that campaign thinking about publicity and less about what it all stood for. Everyone I know that’s ever been educated on the practices of the fur industry has been sickened and distraught at what happens behind the scenes. To blame your about face on tactics and what happened to your fashion friends is a lame excuse. Not agreeing with PETA on a campaign is no reason to abandon what the initiative is attempting to prevent. Enjoy your fur. You’ll need plenty of it to keep that cold heart of yours warm.

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  • woodymcbreairty

    This woman has been abusive to people as well. Personally I think she is a mentally disturbed person – just saying.How many people really think this is a good looking owman? Only those who have been brainwashed by her plastic publicity macnine

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