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Naomi Campbell has addressed her hypocrisy on decrying fur and then promoting it by sayings she was offended by PETA’s tactics towards the industry. The former super-model was a one-time participant in PETA’s “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign but was quickly dropped after she chose to wear fur in a fashion show. From the article,

“Campbell now aims to set the record straight on the issue and remains defiant about her love of fur. She says, ‘When PETA started targeting (Vogue editor) Anna Wintour and (designer) Karl Lagerfield and putting dead animals on their plate, I felt that they went too far and I thought, I didn’t want to be a part of this campaign anymore. (But) I do like wearing fur and I still do.'”

Wow, Naomi — you must have really gone into that campaign thinking about publicity and less about what it all stood for. Everyone I know that’s ever been educated on the practices of the fur industry has been sickened and distraught at what happens behind the scenes. To blame your about face on tactics and what happened to your fashion friends is a lame excuse. Not agreeing with PETA on a campaign is no reason to abandon what the initiative is attempting to prevent. Enjoy your fur. You’ll need plenty of it to keep that cold heart of yours warm.

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  • Dana

    I agree. PETA isn’t the only group opposed to fur, so for Naomi to use the tactics of just one group as justification for supporting an industry that causes such immense animal suffering is really pathetic.

    This is a good example of why campaigns to protect the environment and animals should never resort to bad behavior- it makes it way too easy for people who don’t want to change their behavior to justify the continuation of their habits. She can’t justify electrocuting a fox or gassing a mink, so she says “well, PETA was not so nice to these designers so I should continue to wear fur to make my point about PETA”. And thus the environment and the animals continue to loose out.

  • Tee

    Naomi Campbell is a selfish, greedy criminal. The excuses and lame justifications are typical of a person who thinks they can hurt others, and just lie to cover it up.

    But I guess that’s what wearing fur represents, and the kind of people it attracts.

    The fashion industry has slid down into the gutter.

  • Rosa Close

    Naomi Campbell is an embarrassment to our gender: selfish, cold-hearted and eaten up by vanity. It is obvious she embarked on PETA’s anti-fur campaign to get some publicity–one just doesn’t fall in or out of love for skinned alive animals. There is no glamour on dead animals on anybody’s shoulders. They all live miserable lives in fur farms or were trapped before meeting with horrific deaths. Supporting such a cruel industry such as the bloody fur trade, with full knowledge of its brutality, is unthinkable for anyone who calls him/herself a decent human being.

  • Bob Pomilla

    So this violence prone, aging stupor model now chooses to support the horrid fur industry merely because she disagrees with PETA’s tactic’s. Hey, pea-brain, what PETA does or doesn’t do, is irrelevant to the issue- the suffering of the animals! But really, it’s hardly surprising that a moron like Campbell, whose most articulate way of expressing herself is bouncing a phone off someone’s skull, would fashion an addled-brain rationalization such as she has.

  • gioconda di alberi

    I recommend anal electrocution for the models, the designers, the ad guys/gals and most publishers.
    That’s what is done to the animals they love to wear.

    Better, yet, skin them alive as is done to the raccoon dogs to make edge fur for products for Kimora Simmons, J-Lo, RocaWear [Jay-Z], Sean Jean [Combs], Damon Dash and all those low-life, devolved, mercenary marketers of cruelty.

    Naomi Campbell is tall, that’s all.

    Seriously? Models are generally vacuous,narcissistic, pea-brains who’s claim to fame is they can walk back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
    Spin, spin. Flip the hair.


    Animals are beautiful, not hideous like Naomi with her fake hair, greased mouth, and murdered hides.

  • Mary Alice Pollard, Cornwall’s Voice for Animals.UK

    I was absolutely disgusted when she turned about face and rejected the animals who suffer and die for such a greedy industry, but then it didn’t surprise me – say what you will if you disagree with the way a certain campaign is run – but if you are FOR the animals – then you support them all the way ! She went into the PETA campaign I am sure, just for the publicity – she has shown her true colours and her name will be shamed by the vast majority of people out there who are so against the killing of animals for their fur ! There are many things that the big organisations say and do that I do not agree with – but I stand firm for the animals which I represent and support and when the big organisations have a campaign that I agree with I back them 100 percent ! But friends – the animals and we who fight for them are in very good company – there are many models and designers out there who do not use fur and there are many big artists who stand with us in the campaign to shame the fur industry ! :)

  • Lina Drimas

    Naomi Campbell has many disorders and it has been proven a million times in the past by her unbalanced behaviours. She is just another little woman that rose to fame for reasons that had nothing to do with her brain activity or talent (exactly like JLo) and without ever receiving proper education from the appropriate parties (just like Beyonce Kwnoles, who is also a notorious fur-wearer). When people that have no depth and come from similar backgrounds get that rich then their stupidity and illiteracy are excessively dangerous in combination with immesurable vanity. It’s the hordes that support them that give them this sort of power, and the fact that raping nature to make garments is so vulgarly justified by their fans underlines not only David Deutsch’s theory about confusing morality but usefulness, but also demonstrates that the human superiority in terms of logical comprehension is limited to a few charismatic individuals.

  • Maria Daines

    There are many talented and compassionate celebrities able to live up to cruelty free advocacy, PETA should make sure they choose their campaign ‘faces’ more carefully. Naomi is not a sound role model for the new generation of compassionate, ethically aware warrior kids – they are leading the way, others are easily forgotten. Naomi is behind the times, only a fool would wear fur with pride in 2007, it’s a sick choice of clothing and shameful to acknowledge she flaunts it without regard to the suffering of living creatures. Another case of lost in showbiz and far removed from reality.

  • Lucila P. de Moura

    She has never really loved animals and has never been touched by their sufferings. Her attitute has been cruel and a great incentive to the fashion world vanity.

  • Lana Lehr

    Naomi has shown her true colors: narcissistic, without ethical principle, and willing to engage in any horror as long as she “likes” it and no doubt if the price is right.

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  • seamus ganley

    no one has the right to say who can or can’t wear fur. everyone has the right to choose.PETA leaving dead animals(which there trying to protect) on peoples plates is just wrong, people should care about world starvation and all the other things in the world than animals!and at the end of the day an animal is going to attack a person wether the are wearing a fur coat or not!!

  • Xaviersx

    If she’s not allowed to have her opinion or reasoning, then the fight for animal rights is one of the lesser problems in the world. She can have a change of heart, even if she knows what a number of the industry companies do. PETA can have it’s position on the world, she has hers, if they want to come to blows over it, the law has its position as well. Minus some physical blows or damages, nobody’s got a right to harm either. No one organization or person truly dictates to others, we come to our own individual views and abide by majority rule laws for the times.

  • Angela Rubio

    Seamus, skinning animals alive for vanity should not be a choice more than raping a woman or molesting a child. Not EVERYTHING is a matter of choice just because it suits humans!
    Furthermore, from Einstein to ancient Greek philosophers, from Gandhi to Da Vinci, to scientists and artists that have been awarded the Nobel prize, all great minds, thinking alike, have underlined and quoted how our respect for animal life defines our civilization values and intelligence. I suggest you go and study the brain structure of all mammals and how sentiments and feelings are identically shared. Also, do read a bit of evolution, and then maybe you’ll have a little more respect to where you came from. Finally, why don’t YOU occupy yourself with world hunger instead of questioning other people’s altruistic values, give up your pc and your luxurious western lifestyle and save us your over-intellectualized statements accompanied by cheesy exclamation marks. You can very well help those that starve as well as respect all living things around you. Like most ALL animal rights activists do- they help human causes too. Like Arthur Shopenhauer said, shame on the morality that discriminates among the species and defines priorities in the right to life and to a cruelty-free life! All great minds think alike. All small minds repeat the same jabbering!

  • maker1487

    hey so someone changed their mind and disagrees with u now. and hey they happen to be a major celeb with a lot of influence. so obviously thay are stupid, greddy, selfish and so on
    NO!! naomi liked wearing fur like many ladies do and deided after some time she woud like to promote it not oppose it.
    good luck to her. she looks great in furs u just dont like that she is a powerful role model for the pro fur industry but that doesnt mean she cant have her opinion
    naomi looks divine in furs

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  • seamus

    Angela well it is a choice. let me just say humans or animals, humans come first in my book so all the things your saying mean nothing to me i just gave MY opinion so i don’t care what you say all i know is that i don’t care for animals just people and by the way everyone looks good in fur!

  • Gilbert

    This may be off topic but Naomi Campbell has just proved her selfishness once again by lying to the War Crimes Tribunal about who gave her some rough ‘blood diamonds’ some years ago and has even complained that it is ‘inconvenient’ for her to give evidence against a ruthless dictator responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people. At the end of the day Naomi doesnt’ give a sh*te about anyone but herself.