by paige
Categories: Events.

You couldn’t miss the “green” presence at this year’s Austin City Limits festival as the stench of composting (which was ironically near the VIP area) greeted festival goers and recycling guidelines sounded off on the entrance loudspeaker. Claiming to be 100% carbon neutral, ACL 2007 hit a milestone and made a bold statement against global warming. Festival organizers offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions created by the festival’s electricity usage, gas generators, staff travel, and office-based emissions in a partnership with Green Mountain Energy

Patrons were also encouraged both at the ticket point of sale as well as during the festival to purchase a $4 Austin City Limits BeGreen (sm)Fan Tag that “neutralize” some of the global warming emissions from travel to musical events this summer. The Fan Tag actually provides 500 kWh of Green-e certified renewable energy credits from sources like wind and biomass power to offset 682 Lbs of your own of CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming.

In addition, we are proud to say they were true to their word on many of the other smaller green initiatives including organic foods for the artists, staff/VIP (we actually saw some winces from rock stars at the site of Lara bars), solar panels for select sites, sustainable festival goods, and the “biodegradable” plastic bag.

As Bob Dylan closed down the festival with an amazing show, an unfortunate mess of plastic bottles, cups, and debris definitely covered the grounds, but overall it was a well orchestrated green event.  Obviously actions speak louder than words, so the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the organic kettle corn!