by Rebecca Carter
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Mario Lopez, eco-hater, wins a Vespa and suddenly decides that he’s going green. (We once asked him for an eco-quote and he gave us a very nasty anti-environmental remark.)

I’m not pleased.

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  • Stacy Chrietzberg

    I think he’s become a lot more environmentally aware. I saw him reporting during the week on eco-friendly items and the Emmys/how “green” it was this year.

  • RemyC

    I think he’s scary… no offense… but the elation was so over the top, you wonder what’s got him all pumped up like that… Like “green” is just a state of mind now… but it doesn’t really mean anything… just like another flavor at the ice cream shop… The danger with this extraodinary contagious green trend in Hollywood, not that I’m knocking it, we worked long and hard to get the media and the entertainment community to start paying attention… is that it’s not grounded… there should almost be like a school for these young actors to attend… read a few articles or books or websites… green encounter meetings… wait a minute… isn’t that what the Collage Foundation has been doing? Quietly, discreetly… See, green one minute… cruising with the Hummer the next… all things to all people, right? Don’t quite work that way. There’s a reason for the green consumer movement, and it’s called the environmnetal movement… that’s what’s getting lost in translation. The new found zeal of Johnny come lately to the green scene will soon tarnish… faced with the harsh reality this new awareness brings… we’re not out of the woods yet.