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Julia Robert’s new green home is taking shape and the actress is loading up on the solar panels; as seen in the above enthusiastic photo. Her home also features wood harvested from sustainable forests, recycled tiles, and other energy conservation additions. We’re thinking Ed Begley’s wife is going to be a little green with envy over this one….

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  • rebecca

    Sweet. Where are all of the trees? I hate it when they bulldoze a lot dry and then plant baby trees later. I’m only assuming that’s what happened here. Still like the solar panels, though!

  • Rosie

    too bad she uses enough space to house about 200 Africans. Buying a pre-existing house would have been more environmentally friendly, and living in a reasonable sized house for that matter. Doubt those solar panels will fuel her air conditioner. Its all about image really, she’s still living larger than any average North American, so I don’t see what’s so special.

  • Aw come on

    Solar panels are HORRIBLE. There is no safe way to dispose of them after they live out their purpose (VERY toxic chemicals) and they aren’t efficient at all. I like the concept of sustainable energy and saving the environment but solar panels are not the way to go.

  • Mike

    Looks like a dream home to me. Way to go, Julia! Let me know if you need any roommates.

  • Monika Eckhart

    So celebrities who go “green” are better, just because they can afford it. Its “greenwashing.” The only reason they are doing it is because it is hip, expensive, and gets you on to a website.

  • Colin

    Every vehicle in this picture is gas guzzler. How are those panels gonna work under a haze of smog?


    As much as I like green homes, I’m having a little trouble feeling enthusiastic a home that is likely eight to ten thousand square feet, requiring even greater destruction of trees and plant-life in order to accommodate the extravagant size.

  • Mvox

    Let’s hope all those SUVs dotted around the property are running on biofuel…

  • The Simple Family

    This picture reminds me of those “save the environment” bumper stickers on a back of a hummer.

  • iamfoo

    A few solar panels + seven motor vehicles = sustainability?

  • Deena

    “Solar panels are HORRIBLE. There is no safe way to dispose of them after they live out their purpose (VERY toxic chemicals) and they aren’t efficient at all. I like the concept of sustainable energy and saving the environment but solar panels are not the way to go.”

    I had no idea. will research this….

    • Peter

      Ummm, solar panels are made out of silicon wafers, which are made from sand. Not sure what is toxic there. An aluminum frame which is easily recycleable, some wires (recycleable) glass (more sand).

      A new technology is thin film panels, which use even less material. A special coating is sprayed on a thin piece of stainless steel (recycleable)

      A solar panel manufacturer will typically cover the roof of the factory to produce the electricity needed to produce the panels.

  • stevo

    How many trees were cut down to clear the lot????

  • kitch

    How much water is being dumped on 2 her yard to keep her grass green??


    utter b.s.

  • Nigel

    At least she’s thinking about it, and doing something. Luckily she has the money to be able to afford it…

  • Hill

    The majority of the vehicles look like they are construction vehicles. It is good that she is building sustainable in the building methods and the products they are using. However having a smaller footprint overall would go a long way. Hence not having a mansion, when you could get by with a house half the size, which would still be extravagant.

  • Absolute Vengeance

    I have not met any of you that previously commented, but I am sure you are all pussies and I could kick your asses. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! THANKSSSSSS!!!!

    SMUG ALERT!!!!

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  • Jennae Petersen

    I can definitely understand why some people would say it’s hard to get enthusiastic about a home that huge using solar power, but I choose to look at it this way: at least she’s trying to do something to reduce her carbon footprint. The reality is that elebrities built enormous new homes every day, and if all of them did what Julia is trying to do, it would at least reduce some of their impact on the power grid. True, it would be better if they bought existing homes, but better some change than none. Perhaps next time, she will be better informed and make better choices. But for her effort, I applaud her.

    Visit for eco-friendly home decor products and tips!

  • Geoff Petersen

    Who knows what else she has put into her house though. Her yard could be turf, her decks made from recycled plastics, she could have a rain water catch and possibly (I doubt though) geothermal heating and cooling. Don’t always judge a book by its cover.

    I just happened to stumble across this page and have definitely concluded that most of you left wing hippies are very quick to jump on someone without knowing the facts. Be kind please rewind.

  • Danielle

    Hollywood and it’s extravagence should be done away with. These people have way to much…the younger generation sees this and tries to emulate them. Socity would be different w/out Hollywood.

  • Jennifer Wheeler

    I’ve yet to see anyone from Hollywood give up a huge portion of what they have…there not capable. It goes to show you what this world is coming too. There are so many problems out there…war, nuclear weapons, overpopultion, global warming, pollution and on and on…most of these people wear a new outfit everyday and then claim there environmentaly friendly. This people are not role models. Young kids see this and that’s where the attention goes…not to the issues that should be addressed.

  • chris smith

    Heres how we do it in England.

    Comedienne Helen Lederer agrees to undertake some eco therapy…

    not quite as glamorous as Julia Roberts but hey such is life

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  • Jon May

    Julia’s new house looks like local elementary or Montessory school. urg!

  • michael

    Her home is still under construction, folks. Hence the construction vehicles around the lot.

    I know it’s difficult to feel all green on the inside for massive homes. Unfortunately, the reality is they’re not going to go away. The best we can hope for is that others intent on building so damn large follow Julia’s example by creating green structures and taking advantage of sustainable materials and renewable energy.