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Fall Out Boy Captures War-Torn Uganda In New Music Video

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falloutboy.jpgWe’ve been profiling Fall Out Boy’s incredible commitment to help bring attention to Uganda’s homeless street soldiers for the past year now. Working together with the Invisible Children Charity, the group has camped out in cardboard boxes in LA and recently traveled to the streets of war-torn Uganda. It is in this setting that Fall Out Boy choose to record their latest music video; which focuses on two Ugandan teens who are trying to make love work in a time of war. From the article,

“‘What’s truly groundbreaking is the majority of the video is the story of two young African kids, and what’s great about it is that it’s gonna humanize these people,’ Invisible Children co-founder Bobby Bailey said. ‘I think it’ll connect to a lot of people. From the moment we arrived here, the kids here were telling us, ‘Please tell our story. And especially let America know about our story because they have a voice in the world, and they can help end this thing.

The plan is to show that and then emphasize the idea that if we sent one senior policy adviser from the U.S. [to Uganda] that there’s greater potential to end the war [now] than ever — but for whatever reason, we’re just not committed to do that,’ bassist Pete Wentz added. ‘Everyone’s been focusing so much attention on our band lately — and so many times, it’s the wrong kind of attention — [but] it’s all right if the cameras follow us to Africa.'”

Good work. Incredible to see a band going out of their way to actually travel to the place they’re attempting to help. An amazing effort to bring awareness. Check out the video below or hit the jump for more.

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