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versace1_gallery__470×333.jpgDonatella Versace not only gets coal in her stocking every Christmas, she’s also a great personality match for something that’s so destructive and detrimental to the environment. As Plenty Magazine revealed Friday, Versace’s eco-crimes are a laundry list of sad excess, cruel practices, and plain indifference.  Where to begin?

For one, Versace travels with all of her furniture so that she can “feel more at home” wherever she goes. In addition to the private-jet lifestyle, The Guardian reports that For £10m or so Donatella will fit out your jet with her trademark leather sofas, or for £100m you can have a Versace 747. All this from a woman who screamd for her face creams during an earthquake, according to her ex-husband. It gets worse.

Versace is also a supporter of skinning pythons; a craze that has lit up the fashion world and stimulated demand. Want a taste of this cruelty? Here’s a snippet from the Daily Mail:

“The snake is stunned with a blow to the head from the back of a machete and a hose pipe expertly forced between its jaws. Next, the water is turned on and the reptile fills up — swelling like a balloon. It will be left like that for ten minutes or so, a leather cord tied around its neck to prevent the liquid escaping. Then its head is impaled on a meat hook, a couple of quick incisions follow, and the now-loosened skin peeled off with a series of brutal tugs – much like a rubber glove from a hand. The python’s peeled body is simply tossed on a pile of similarly stripped snakes. After a day or two of unimaginable agony it will die from the effects of shock or dehydration.”

Not surprisingly, our other heartless favorite Naomi Campbell enjoys modeling the skins. Peas in a pod.

Plenty goes into more detail — and frankly I feel sick from writing the above — so I’ll let you check out the rest of the goods on Ms. Versace after the jump. Needless to say, I’m not a big fan.

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  • katy

    You would think that kind of cruel decadence would be looked upon as savage and wasteful as the safari hunts of colonial times. It’s a shame that people still follow this woman’s lead.

  • becky

    She’ll get what’s coming to her, more and more people see that is a self-serving idiot who isn’t good for the environment, let’s recycle her like everything else.

  • Deena

    Good grief! Leave animals alone!
    I love one anti-fur, skin ad that says:
    ‘Get comfortable in your own skins, let the animals keep theirs’

  • claudia marrapodi

    This woman is a shame and a disgrace for Italy! Che vergogna – che razza di bestia sei? Creatura infernale!!!

  • Dana

    Though more attention seems to be given to fur, wearing reptile skin is just as cruel and detrimental to the environment. I’m glad the Daily Mail did that great piece on the reptile skin trade. Hopefully more consumers will stay away from both fur and reptile skin even if designers like Versace still shamefully use it.

  • Mark

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that she is ugly. You’d think that the fashion world would

  • LOV

    You people are a bunch of idiots. Donatella is one of the leading fashion women in the world. I suport her, and fur, and snakes, and hides. For I too am a designer that uses these things.

  • ash


    The only idiot here is you. go worship j-lo and beyonce.. other fur scums.

    You obviously cannot feel sadness or compassion for animals and I am sorry for you.

    you are not complete and may have to experience being an animal skinned alive to complete your soul.

  • Shelby Staples

    YES! – this Donatella is indeed UGLY, and I think her designs are, for the most part, hideous. Another female of this incredibly stupid and cruel fashion world who is all Vogue on the outside and vague on the inside.

  • LOV

    Oh my goodness, you people are hopeless. This is an industry that was started ages ago. The fur trade was a founding American commodity, and it will ALWAYS be a lucrative one. Endangered species of animals are protected and others are farmed for this reason. It is alot more humane to grow your own than to kill off a wild popuation. There is no suffering in most areas unlike Asia, which has No morals, and is where you see these horrific videos from. But I stress the fact that you people quit degrading icons in this world, fr doing something that man has been doing since the primitive age… PETA kills more animals ( dogs and cats) than ANYONE!!!! I suggest you watch the show called BullShit hosted by Penn and Teller, which you can find on youtube. Have a fuzzy evening my vegitarian friends. LOV

  • deena

    This fur scum is no Icon.
    Just because something was done for years doesn’t mean it needs to continue.
    The only reason Peta and other shelters kill animals is because there are not enough money nor room to house them all. Humans are responsible for this, yet the ones trying to help get attacked for doing the humane thing, putting them to sleep.
    Farming animals for food is one thing if you treat them right before you kill them (I’m not a vege)
    But farming animals for fur is simply cruel, wasteful, and wrong.
    And you look really STUPID WEARING SKINS OR FUR.

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