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Dunder Mifflin: As Green As They Have to Be

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the-office-michael-scott.jpgEven fictional companies are not immune to the pressures of greening the workplace. NBC’s hilarious hit comedy show, The Office, is the mockumentary of a paper company called Dunder Mifflin and the people who work there. It’s a scary real-life “we’ve all been there” type show that everyone can somehow relate to. It’s also going green. Kind of. At least, as much as is bearable.

On the official corporate site, the new motto is: Dunder Mifflin: As Green As We Have To Be. As they are a paper company, they’ve pledged to plant a tree for every metric-ton of paper they sell; which is hilarious since it takes about 12 trees to make up that amount. Additionally, the Scranton Branch (the focus of the show) has committed to “one cup a day” at the water cooler. Commendable. And then there’s this bit, “Just because we’re a paper company, it doesn’t mean we’re not as green as everyone else. Join us as we try to make the world a better place while not simultaneously running us out of our own business.” Brilliant.

These types of green additions are part of NBC’s commitment to include such themes in its Fall lineup. For one week starting November 4th, the entire NBC Universal brand will harness its collective resources to educate, entertain, and promote eco-friendly living and products. We’re just giddy to see what trouble The Office crew get into this season. The fun starts this Thursday at 9pm on NBC. Hit the official site for more.

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