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Whoever the marketing director at PETA is, I just want to say “Thank you.” Actress Maggie Q continues to “spice” things up in these latest ads from the animal rights group. Here’s what she had to say about her vegetarian lifestyle, “I feel better, I have more energy on and off the set, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing something to help stop animal suffering.” To donate to PETA Asia-Pacific, please click here.


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  • reba

    peta kills animals because they would rather spend the money that would save them on other things.

    probably stuff like this.

  • Missy

    What is it with celebs all saying the same thing, when it comes to being a veggie, “Energy, Energy, Energy”. I know that its an easy way to explain being or going veggie, but come on. Alicia Silverstone recently made a video where she pretty much said the exact same thing as Susie Q.

    Being a veggie is about so more much than having “more energy”. How about better cholesterol, or less fat, maybe you’re against hormones injected into cows, or how about cause you dont want to support the ugliness that goes on within the meat industry, not too mention those ghastly slaughterhouses. I could go on.

  • Missy

    or duh, because its great for the environment.

  • becky

    Sexy…Nice, even as a woman I can enjoy these ads. Now what I want to see is some males doing these ads!

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  • claudia marrapodi

    Again a sublime, astonishing ad by PETA! I love this animal rights organization!!!

  • John Bailo

    Maggie’s a very cute 28 year old — however, her movie credits include Mission Impossible III and Die Hard IV.

    The former I would never watch.

    The later I thought was one of the best computer-terror movies ever.

    However, one certainly has to wonder how many BTU’s of energy were expended by the blockbusters, how much CO2 was released making the explosions and how many consumer goods were created — which at least used up precious resources and at worse may have involved killing a few wild beasts to make them.

    Once again, Hollywood sells its hypocrisy with some very nice T & A.

  • Steven K. Carter

    I believe PETA does more to raise the awareness of the average person about the continued plight of animals and their welfare than any other organization. Support them with you donations and time whenever possible.

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  • mparis

    PETA continues to be the leader in mass media education. Excellent ads — love them!!!

  • Vegan Hottie

    Right On Maggie!

    You rock. I applaud you for all the work that you do on behalf of animals, and that you are a prime example for all other celebrities to follow. Keep up the great work.

    And what a hot bod you have!

  • Ninja

    Maggie Q – HOT!
    PETA – Idiots with too much time on their hands

  • mateo

    dear econazzi, for every animal you don’t eat, i am going to eat four. thanks

  • Katie

    Replacing the domination and oppression of animals with the domination and oppression of woman. So you don’t feel like a “pussy” for going vegan.

    Classic PETA

  • PM

    As they say, “Any publicity is good publicity” and those ads certainly attract attention. To leverage that attention to try to influence people is a smart move. I personally think electronic vehicle technology is more of a priority than animal relations however.

  • caroline

    Peta use womens bodies a lot don’t they? There is a conspicuous lack of mens bodies being used.
    I know that there are more female veggies than males (though I think that the numbers might be closer with vegans -not sure) – maybe they see this as a way of getting the attention of more young men.
    I do not like Peta’s tactics – I think that attention grabbing stuff like this, or shock tactics like the naked woman in a pig crate in Covent Garden is shortlived, and alienates as many people as it ‘wins over’.
    I became a vegetarian at 16 with absolutely no influence from anyone else. I do agree with spreading the message, but I prefer other methods.

  • Aminal

    Who cares, the end justifies the means. So long as PETA can continue their work against unethical treatment of animals, they have my vote.
    Listen to the utter drivel that is spouted here…

    “peta kills animals…..blah blah etc”
    “A conspicious lack of mens bodies…”
    “The oppression and domination of women…”
    “I dont like PETA’s tactics….”
    “I think electric vehicle technology is more of a priority…”

  • jenni

    “Replacing the domination and oppression of animals with the domination and oppression of woman. So you don’t feel like a “pussy” for going vegan.

    Classic PETA”


  • Eric Prescott

    Thank you, jenni and caroline. This ad doesn’t say anything about animals, and it doesn’t even promote veganism. PETA panders to the mainstream while animals continue to be thought of as objects for our consumption… kinda like Maggie Q here.

    Fortunately, it’s obvious that Aminal is the one spouting drivel. “The ends justify the means” has been the justification for some of the greatest atrocities ever, not to mention the very oppression that PETA is supposedly against.

  • Mel

    I accidentally hit a possum the other day. Would I be convicted of man slaughter. I stopped to render aid, but it was too late. Poor thing. We called animal control to dispose of it. Seriously though, if PETA had it’s way, would I be convicted of vehicular manslaughter? And on the flip side, if one of them rips through my trash and pulls it out all over the lawn, can I sue the possums for vandalizing my lawn?

    On another, but similar topic, I heard that being vegan is very healthy, but the research indicating that soy products could contain natural neuro-toxins does scare me off from eating soy.

    Also, I barely even noticed these ads popping up because we see so many mostly naked women in ads today, that I’ve become somewhat numbed by them.

  • Neraph

    Well, if you really want to end animal suffering, I’d say eat more meat. The more you eat, the more they have to kill, the more they have to kill, the faster they have to kill them, the faster they have to kill them, the quicker (painless..-er) they die. Irregardless of the pain death makes, if they die faster, it ends the suffering faster.

    On another note, plants are living creatures too. They breed, are born, grow old, feel pain, bleed, and die. In fact, most plants need to still be alive when you eat them in order to get the most nutrients out of them. Think about the massacre your next salad is.

    Also, every cell in your body, and especially your brain and spinal column, requires a vitamin called B-12. No B-12 equals severe brain and spinal problems, and increased mortality rate. Sure, there are B-12 supplements out there, and soy and red beans are good sources, but you need to have blood tests done to figure out how much B-12 your body needs specifically. In short, it’s easier to just eat the little doods who are bred to be eated.

    Besides, biblically, eating was refered to as ‘sitting down to meat.’

    Chew on that.

  • dave

    dry your eyes about all this veggie stuff!

    its not more natural (just look at your teeth) and to be honest it can be quite bad for you. think about what you would have done even 50 years ago without some of the foodstuffs that get flown half way round the world for you to achieve what your body needs to keep going.

    I am against the unethical treatment of animals in food production, but anyone who wants to say that they would have a happier life running around in the fields is crazy – these animals only exist for the purpose of going to the slaughterhouse one day, and they exist in a manmade and controlled ecosystem. This isn’t the jungle.

  • dave

    but then again, well done peta – you’ve got me talking about the issue, which is what you want!

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  • Brandi

    Neraph, you’re an idiot. I won’t address your entire post as it doesn’t deserve a response, however, wouldn’t biblical importance mean that we would have to care about what the Bible says? I am not surprised you believe in the Bible, as many people who preach the Bible as blind truth, aren’t the brightest bulbs… The Bible also preaches hatred, but obviously you believe in that as well.

  • Jennae Petersen

    I definitely see why PETA would go this route, because no matter what you’re selling, the fact is that sex sells. That said, I don’t condone objectifying women in order to sell the message of going vegetarian. Not that PETA has ever been shy about pissing people off, but I can’t pat them on the back for this campaign in good conscience.

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  • Jack

    cause du joir

  • Peter

    Meat = Cancers, swine flu, mad cow disease, bird flu etc.. to save yourself, your family and this planet, the only solution is to Be Vegan. Diseases will never stop unless people on this earth become vegan. All Hospitals of the world, catering for Meat Eaters. Global Warming is due to meat eating. Meat eater you doing well to kill this planet which mean directly killing 6 billions people on it and billions of animals.

    • travis

      As a doctor would like to say that that post was possibly the most ignorant thing i have ever read. Look inside your mouth, those four teeth along the front of the top jaw, those are called incisors, and the two pointy ones after the incisors, canines. The sole purpose of those six teeth is the cutting and tearing of meat. Humans evolved as omnivores, we eat plants and animals. Our bodies function best under a diet including meat, thats science not bias. Oh and swine flu has nothing to do with pigs, read the freakin’ newspaper.