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Our friends over at recently uncovered a clip from Howard Stern back in March, regarding San Francisco’s decision to ban plastic bags. Listen to it below, while watching some plastic bag stats from a San Francisco Chronicle article.

So what does Howard think of plastic bags and the new ordinance? He hates the bags and loves the new rule, saying that we use so many bags, “We bag our bags. We have bags for the bags.”

Already a raw foodie, I still am pleasantly surprised at Howard’s response.

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  • Jeff

    I agree Howard he is the greatest. Howard is a fair man.

  • Jennae Petersen

    There isn’t much about Howard Stern that I like (particularly with kids in the house), but I am glad that he has taken a positive stance on this one.

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  • ash

    I adore Howard, always have. I’ve found that he is very misunderstood, when truly he has lots of integrity, an incredible work ethic, loyalty to his work and personal family, faithful to the women in his life, and incredibly entertaining.

  • Amanda

    I have never been a huge Howard Stern fan, but have always respected his right to say what he wants. I’m so happy he is for the banning of plastic bags. It is ridiculous how many we use. People do not understand how not to use bags. I bought a greeting card and told the cashier I did not want a bag, I would simply put the card in my purse. She then put the card in a small bag instead when I was not looking and then said it would not get ruined in my purse now. People just do not understand what, “I do not want a bag” means.