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mene.jpgThe stars aligned for the opening of a new eco conscious fashion boutique on Ventura Boulevard last week called Menemsha. Located in Studio City, CA, the shop aims “to create an ultra-chic destination for those seeking environmentally friendly, contemporary designs boasting impeccable style for Men, Women and Children.” We’re psyched to see more of these fashion destinations popping up.

Celebs in attendance included Eva La Rue from CSI:Miami, soap stars Sean Kanan, Patrika Darbo, Tamara Braun and Kate Linder, Ed Begley Jr.’s beautiful wife, Rachelle Carson, international film actress, Bai Ling, and many more. VeeV Vodka and Burch Hall Winery rounded out the liquor while organic dishes were prepared by Hana Chef, Shawn Kroop.

Some of the sustainable brands you’ll find at Menemsha include Linda Loudermilk, Passenger Pigeon, Loomstate, Stewart + Brown, David Aubrey and Tom’s Shoes. We’re excited to welcome them to the green fashion scene and wish them the best of luck in carving a niche in LA. For more information, check out Menemsha’s official site here.

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  • patti

    what an awful name. you won’t be seeing any argentineans shopping there. it’s like saying, Guzmansha for peruvians.

  • Jo

    Menemsha is actually a Native American Indian name by the Wampanoag tribe. It’s a beautiful fishing village in Martha’s Vineyard that attracts many visitors from around the world (including Argentinians). It’s unfortunate that you’ve thought about the name in such a negative manner. This is a store with a positive message for everyone and all cultures.

  • renee

    Hey Patti……you’re the last one to talk about bad names…your name represents ground up flesh sitting between two pieces of bread!

  • RemyC

    Are there any pictures from this event? Where are the green paparazzi when you need’em?