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h20.jpgLast week, we mentioned FOX’s interesting move of including a bottle of Icelandic Glacial water in their eco gift bags. We questioned the motives on the part of the organizers for doing an incredible job with the event, but coming up short on recognizing bottled water (and not the company involved) as unsustainable and harmful to the environment.

This week, we focus on another bottled water company, H20M, that has been sponsoring eco-events all around Hollywood; including the 2007 Emmy Ultimate Green Room. According to the site, H20M is “the world’s first interactive natural spring water. Infused with the power of positive energy through words, music, colors, symbols and you.” Some may laugh at that claim, others may support the power of positive words and vibrations; either way I don’t know one way or the other so I’ll leave the critiques up to you.

Beyond the energy claims, H20M also does a great job of working with charities and environmental groups to encourage recycling of water bottles and stewardship of the planet. A portion of their profits go towards the International Water for Life Foundation (which apparently no longer exists), and the Love Planet Foundation. This is their angle — this is how they will get in to sponsor an event that other bottled water companies might get shot down for. Clever.

And it is clever — because at the end of the day, this is still bottled water. This is still a company producing something readily available around the country. I know, I know — some of you do need bottled water, but it’s nowhere near what the marketing tells us. Take a look at this quote pulled directly from their website,

“To remain healthy, an adult must drink 8ozs of pure water (we recommend H2Om), (not tap) for every two waking hours.”

They actually say not to drink tap water! Uh Oh. Look out. If you don’t drink our water, you’ll soon be ill. Watch out for scary tap water! Snake oil anyone?

So, wake up Hollywood. Bottled water is still bottled water, no matter how green the company is behind the label.

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  • katy

    Wow, that’s so over the top. I hope people don’t fall for their blather. I am really curious who is behind this company, Eco-chick had a good post about who is in control of the indie/organic brands.

  • becky

    The one and only reason I (and my family)have bottled water is for emergencies and times like that. (Earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.). It’s good to have a supply of food kept so that if there is an emergency then you have water/food. That is the only reason I would buy it.

  • Trish Kelly

    In Canada, there is a great water company called Earth Water. it’s a nonprofit company, and 100% of after tax profits go to a UN project that ensures safe drinking water for refugees in war torn areas of the world…

  • RemyC

    A lot of places need bottled water… anywhere in suburbia where residents draw from a well is sure to be contaminated by heavy metals, pesticides, and other runoffs from roads, lawn care companies, etc… Municipal water has chlorine and fluoride in it, not good for the system, even in trace amounts.

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