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angelina-jolie.jpgWe have no idea who these sources are, but US Weekly is reporting that Angelina Jolie is pushing hard to produce a drama based on the aid group Doctors Without Borders. Apparently, the actress would love to sell the concept to HBO; the darling network of the television series world. From the article,

“Last year the actress donated $1 million to the organization. A rep for the agency says, “Brad [Pitt]and Angelina have been supporters of ours for a long time. They have been meeting with us to learn more about our work. And they have been meeting with other people about a possible project.”

This might be a really great series — especially considering the quality of productions (nevermind John From Cincinnati) that have come down the HBO pipeline in the past couple years (Rome rocked!). Sure, the concept has been used on ER before, but no doubt it could take on a very different spin — and highlight the incredible work of this organization — as a series.

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  • Uma Richmond

    What a great idea?? The commercial sponsors would definitely assist Doctors Without Borders raise some badly needed cash.


  • Sven Ollsen

    Why are you trashing John form Cincinnati?
    This show attracted great following consisting mostly of
    the do-gooders, the same type, that contribute to Doctors Without Borders.
    This is a show with deep concern for humanity and hope for its future. Doesn’t divide people by religion, it unites everyone on a spiritual path of forgivenss and understanding.
    If you only watched 2 episodes, you will not know what it is about.
    It’s a shame critics never made an honest effort to watch it. Lazy of mind and short on vision, apparently.