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Time has just published 10 Questions with George Clooney. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that his newest film Michael Clayton is now showing in NYC and LA and will be showing nationwide next week.

Below, we are republishing some of the more relevant questions. Enjoy!

Do you think celebrity activism has become cliché?

GC: You don’t want to be a spokesperson unless you are absolutely committed to a cause because you can hurt it. I’ve been asked to help represent environmental groups. I’m a big proponent of cleaning up the environment. I have two electric cars. But I also have a big weak spot because I’ve flown on private jets. However, I welcome any of these dumb pundits who make celebrities out to be bad guys to a discussion about Darfur. Because I’ve been there and I’ve met all the players, and I guarantee you, the pundits haven’t.

After all your advocacy work to help Darfur, why do you think the situation is not improving?

GC: [Sudanese President] Omar al-Bashir doesn’t have any incentive to do anything else. We can’t sanction Sudan because we don’t do trade with it. And al-Bashir can frame any peace-keeping mission as a Western invasion of another Muslim country. So people like the Chinese, who do business with these guys, have to say, “We’re not going to trade with you anymore. You guys are going to have to drink oil.” That’s what it’s going to come down to.

Would you consider running for President one day?

GC: No. As an advocate, I can take a side and stand by it and not have to worry about ticking off some constituents who helped get me elected. I don’t want all those kinds of strings attached.

Did you make a bet with Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman that they would have to pay you $10,000 if you were still single when you turned 40?

GC: Yes, I won that bet. They paid up. When Nicole sent me the check, I sent it back and said, “Send it to charity.”

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Incidentally, Michelle Pfeiffer now states that the bet still stands and sits at $100,000 if Clooney ever marries again. She states, “I still think he will, he’s a handsome devil.” Oh well, either way, some nice charitable cause will probably win from this bet, too!

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