by margaret
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Just yesterday, Friday October 5th Jim Carrey spoke to the U.N. Security Council in New York about the present situation in Myanmar. “This is a government that uses its weapons not in self defense, but against its own citizens,” said Carrey in reference to a possible ban on international arms shipments to Myanmar in hopes of ending both the detention of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the government’s suppression of pro-democracy protesters.

While normally outrageous, disgusting, and freaking hilarious, Jim Carrey demonstrates how star power can stir public interest in serious matters like that of human rights with his U.N. appearance and this YouTube video. Now I’m not sure if his moral obligation comes from being Canadian or dating Jenny McCarthy, but either way he’s neither Dumb nor Dumber in this case.



  • katy

    Jim Carrey had annoyed me deeply ever since his Living Color days, but his wonderful, tortured performance in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind completely changed my mind about the man. Good for him for going out on a limb and supporting Burma. Jenny McCarthy seems pretty cool too.

  • John Bailo

    Some people have too much time on their hands.

    I’m so busy working to make a dollar, I haven’t had time to look up the word Myanmar, more or less care about it.

    My guess is that if I ever get the energy to research it, the blame will lie spread among it’s own people.

  • Donna

    WOW! I’m sorry to find you here at all John seeing as your lucky enough to be working while other people in the world are being killed by their own government, and tortured by ours, but you do bring out a fact that is easy to ignore when you surround yourself with loving compassionate people places and things. Narcissism, cynicism and ignorance are all alive and well. And while most people are good people who just don’t know any better yet, some are just well add your own expletive here. peace to you John.

  • claudia marrapodi

    jim carrey’s intervention for burma is great: it’s horrible and disgusting to see the mistreatment of burmese monks and people by this fascist government! in my daily life i’m an animal rights activist but i stand also up for tortured people! let’s say it loud and clear: stop butchering the helpless populations of burma, darfur and tibet – this goes also to the address of china! these two governments lost their faces since a long time – shame on them!!!! thank you jim carrey – bruce almighty in full action – you are my hero!!!

  • esther

    Hello Jim,
    I know that the only impact we will have on Burma is if we leverage ourselves in a way that could hurt CHINA. Why not start a boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympics – email a promise not to go to Beijing and not to participate in any way unless China uses its power to bring down the junta in Burma. I would help in any way I could. This would have some real impact on China. It’s their one vulnerable spot right now. Why not work it??