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Below is a great video of Tom Hanks driving his converted all-electric Scion XB that we wrote about earlier this year. Hanks was one of the first people to jump on the conversion kit offered by AC propulsion and costing about $55,000. He has long been a promoter of the electric car — having appeared on Letterman to talk about GM’s ill-fated EV1, and cruising around town in a Toyota RAV 4 electric model. If you’ve ever been in a car with someone who continues to look at you more than the road, you’ll probably be able to relate to this video. Tom, please keep your eyes on the road! We would love to see Part II actually happen!

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4 Responses to Tom Hanks Shows Us His Electric Car, Attempts Not To Hit People

  1. Edie Laird says:

    Will someone please tell me how I can get and electric car at an affordable price. I am not a stupid person and I truly know that the electric car is not new technology. The Toyota and General motors EV’s were only ill-fated because the oil industry brought pressure to bear on the auto industry out of fear that electric cars would greatly reduce the profit levels of their industry. When are “WE THE PEOPLE” going to stand as one and demand this technology be available to us at an affordable price.

    EV’s now!!!!!

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