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244ryanmeg092806.jpgAngelina Jolie joins humanitarian kindred spirits Cameran Diaz, Meg Ryan, and Goldie Hawn to name just a few to support a landmark event to take place May 10, 2008 called Pangea Day.

Born out of world-renowned documentarian Jehane Noujam’s vision, Pangea Day invites international filmmakers to submit entries that will be broadcast around the world that will spark a new type of dialogue that will ultimately inspire world peace. With hosting sites in New York City, Rio, London, Dharamsala, Cairo, Jerusalem, and Kigali, a combined 20-30 short films from around the world will be video-conferenced live to produce a 4-hour program of supplemented by visionary speakers, and global musicians. The programming will air live May 10 on television, online, digital cinemas and mobile phones.

According to an article:

“The idea came from the belief that film can create a ripple effect of dialogue,” said Noujaim, who directed the 2004 documentary “Control Room,” about coverage of the Iraq War. Pangea Day is being billed as an antidote to a world in which “people are divided by borders, race, religion and conflict but most of all by misunderstanding and mistrust,” the organization said. The question to amateur and professional filmmakers is, “If they had the world’s attention for five minutes, what story would they tell?” she said. The deadline for submissions is Jan. 15.

Check out the website for more details and stay tuned for updates of this amazing multi-media humanitarian effort.

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  • joLIE

    I hope this is a genuine event, put together with genuine motives, even though it has Angelina Jolie, the ultimate self-publicist involved.

  • lance Rowe

    Just taking a shot at this…looking for humanitarian help for hurricane Felix Nicargua victims…I posted a video on youtube…I was sent there to assess the situation since I had helped to set up a hurricane relief center in New Orleans for Hurricane katrina relief victims…was hoping some wealthy celebrities might be interested in adopting a village to rebuild in Nicaragua. Since Angelina has been very active in this type of thing, I thought maybe this was worth a shot. I don’t know how to contact her.
    My video can be seen at:

  • Dirk

    Fantastic. Just a couple of more weeks til Pangea Day. Thanks to all who support this concept!