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100-al-gore-2005.jpgBack in early February, we first heard that Al Gore had been nominated by two Norwegian members of parliament. This is what I wrote,

“I believe Gore might actually have a shot at not only the Oscar, but the Peace Prize as well. Say what you will about his stage delivery (which has improved dramatically), or the amount of emissions he alone generated promoting the film, but his impact has been massive. My mother-in-law watched his movie — twice.”

Of course, any number of people can be nominated by one or hundreds of eligible individuals. Gore’s selection for this award was no great surprise or particularly indicative of any type of outcome. But just like the Oscar, the world is suddenly buzzing that Gore may actually have a shot at receiving the prize. So much so that odds makers have him at a 4 to 1 shot.

All of this drama leads to renewed speculation that Al will announce his 2008 Presidential bid (something I think the guy should stay away from) immediately following the award results. There was even some odd confusion over a scheduled appearance by the former V.P. at a fund raiser for California senator Barbara Boxer. Apparently, according to an email from Boxer, Gore almost canceled at the last minute because he “needs to travel abroad tomorrow for an exciting and urgent mission that could result in a major breakthrough in the fight against global warming.” Wha? He ended up attending the event — but everyone is rampant with speculation on what’s next. Of course, we’ll throw ourselves into the mix.

The announcement will come at 5am EST tomorrow morning. Stand by.

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  • Preston

    With all due respect to Gore, if he gets the Peace Prize, some crazy smart people are going to get the shaft. Pretty soon, we’re going to credit Gore with starting the environmental movement.

  • nikato

    Not inventing the envoronmental movement, but electrifying it. As Roosevelt electrified America With The Power Grid initiative, Gore electrified the internet with congressional funding. Gore will electrify and validate the environmental movement if he wins the prize.