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Iggy the dogTurns out that Ellen DeGeneres is in the middle of a canine controversy. Last month, she adopted a dog (Iggy) from a local rescue organization. She spent time and money getting the dog ready for life at home with her family and cats. It turns out, however, that it just wasn’t a good match. Iggy had too much energy. It wasn’t going to work out.

Here’s where the controversy begins. Here’s the rest of the story straight from Ellen’s blog:

My hairdresser who I see every single day, she and her husband have two little girls, eleven and twelve-years-old. They were just looking for a puppy. They have a dog. They said, “We love Iggy can we have Iggy?”

Iggy has been with them for two weeks. I get updates every single day and pictures every day of how happy Iggy is and how much their daughters love Iggy. The organization contacted me yesterday and said, “How’s Iggy?” And I told them the truth. I didn’t lie. I said, “Iggy has a great home.”

Well, I guess I signed a piece of paper that says if I can’t keep Iggy, it goes back to the rescue organization. Which is not someone’s home, which is not a family. These two little girls had bonded to the dog. I thought I did a good thing. I tried to find a loving home for the dog because I couldn’t keep it. I was trying to do a good thing.

Because I did it wrong, those people went and took that dog out of their home, and took it away from those kids. (Wells up with tears). I feel totally responsible for it and I’m so sorry (sobbing) I’m begging them to give that dog back to that family. I just want the family to have their dog. It’s not their fault. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have given the dog away. Just please give the dog back to those little girls.

I’m sorry I didn’t call you. I’m sorry I did the wrong thing. Just give it back to the family. Please please please.

That’s the story and that’s why I’m feeling like I am responsible for trying to do something and I did it without reading all the things I should have read. So I’m sorry.

Rescue and animal organizations, those involved in the situation and others simply as on-lookers, are battling each other trying to determine what the appropriate action really is in this situation. For more details, watch the Ellen show today, or check out this article.

Here’s my take: The rescue organization should interview the hairdresser’s family and bring them through the adoption process – if they “pass” give them back the dog. It was an honest mistake.

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  • Hi5 Codes

    Poor Iggy… really crazy situation. I think her fans are taking it to the next level… >_

  • davidconnell

    I agree with you in theory, but rules are rules, mate. The only reason anyone gives a shit about this is because it’s Ellen DeGeneres. If this were a regular citizen nobody would care. She signed a piece of paper–she should have read it. These rules exist so people who adopt dogs end up keeping them and not giving them to someone they haven’t vetted. Why should the rules not apply to Ellen? Because she’s a lovable celebrity.

  • Jane

    Even given your ‘take,’ the hairdresser’s children, 11 and 12, are still 2 years too young given Mums & Mutts policy: They won’t adopt to any households with children under 14.

    Again, this is for good reason – besides all that, I heard today Iggy already has a new family.

  • Becky

    Ellen was just trying to help out a family, what’s so wrong with that?

  • rebecca

    A comment on the situation from Pres. & CEO of the Humane Society: Wayne Pacelle:

  • j

    There are rules for a reason- not just for the sake of rules and order. And definately in the case of living creatures, reason should be followed over rules. I think that if it was NOT Ellen the organization would have been more lenient. Their mission is to place the animals entrusted to them in safe & loving homes. Searching for families willing to do this isn’t easy and takes resources, having Ellen already do it for them makes their job easier. They should have processed the hairdresser’s family and give them back their family member. Familial bonds should not be sacrificed for rules. :(

  • Dana

    I agree that this rescue group acted a bit too by-the-book, they should have just had the new family fill out the adoption paperwork once they found out what happened. But if Iggy has a new good home with another family, that’s the important thing and this hairdresser’s family should move beyond it and just go look for another dog to adopt. There’s millions of them out there waiting to be adopted.

  • Ruth Bain

    Too many lives get messed about by bureaucracy. Things shouldn’t be that set in cement that the highest good for Iggy and the family, could not be followed through by leaving things as they were. What a sensleless waste of time and emotional energy that could’ve been averted.

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