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Alicia Keys has made a name for herself not only in the music industry, but also in the charity realm. She is the spokesperson for the Keep A Child Alive Foundation, which works on getting life saving medications to children with AIDS in Africa. The statistics are astounding. Read “The Basics” to get a feel for the situation.

Keys is also currently participating with Frum Tha Ground Up, an organization dedicated to helping America’s youth succeed. Recently, she sat down with Do Something Magazine, which itself has a goal of helping create a new generation of Do Good-ers. Here are some excerpts:

For me, the glitz and glamour of the celebrity world is empty. It can be superficial and there is nothing fulfilling about living a surface life. I know what struggle is and I know how it feels for no one to pay attention to your pains and struggles. I’ve always wanted to be the voice of the people and be able to help bring attention to things that need it and need to be changed. To me, there is nothing more inspiring than that.

At first, my main motivation came from the way that when I went to Africa people looked at me like I had the answers as to why they weren’t able to be treated with ARV’s [anti-retroviral medications]. I thought to myself, “How can something that exists be unavailable to them?”

There are so many important issues, but AIDS is one that affects us ALL, no matter where we live, what color, what economic status or religion. No one is immune. But we do have a chance to re-write history if we understand what’s happening and don’t ignore it.

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  • Baby Mil

    AIDs is still a huge problem around the world. I’m very happy that in the US its becoming less and less of a problem.