by Michael dEstries
Categories: Causes.

In an effort to provide balanced PETA nudity for our female readers, I present to you the latest ad for their anti-fur campaign. Sadly, I doubt comedian Steve-O will be a fair trade for the praise I’ve heaped on photos of Alicia Silverstone and Maggie Q. Don’t worry — I’m sure Brad Pitt will make it there eventually. Click through to the link below the photo for the ass shot. If you dare.




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  • rebecca

    I don’t consider Steve-O an even trade whatsoever for the Peta girls. I did dare to see the “complete” photo, and it’s not as bad as I thought it might be. Reminded me of one of the early Jackass episodes (when it was funny and not just overly disgusting) when Steve-O got “Your Name” tattooed on his ass. Clever.

  • Martin

    Why have they used the same typeface as the Camel Cigarettes logo?

  • Natália Zambon

    Adorei… Lindo!!! hehehe