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We mentioned Val Kilmer’s treehouse back in July — but I’d just like to comment on a few additional eco-elements of this cool pad. First off, Kilmer commissioned treehouse artisan (they truly exist) Roderick Romero to do the job. This guy is known for his attention to the health of the trees involved — as well as eco-sourcing of the building materials.

Val’s creation is built into the side of a mountain on his ranch and supported by five oak trees. The structure was built with wood from an old barn, as well as limbs and fallen trees from the property. Metal was taken local salvage yards. Kilmer specifically wanted the structure to blend in with the surroundings — staying true to his eco values. This treehouse is located on the same 6,000 acres of land that the actor wishes to build a massive eco-village on. From the article,

“Kilmer eventually will ‘build a new house here by the river, have some organic gardens to farm what I need and just get back to the land. In a way, this treehouse is my first step in that direction. Look at this tree. It’s so solid and yet so fragile that it moves with the wind,” he says, grasping one of the oaks. “There’s a sense of freedom and wonderment up here.”

A fast-moving afternoon storm starts to lay siege. Within minutes, rain drops are pounding the treehouse’s tin roof while lightning zigzags ominously nearby. And Kilmer is going exactly nowhere. ‘In places like this,’ he says, ‘I can figure out what I’m all about.’

Sounds pretty cool to us. Hit this link to check out additional pics of Val’s hideaway.

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