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250_sophie_monk.jpgCelebs posing naked in a bed of vegetables is really nothing new for PETA.  They have clearly found an effective ad campaign strategy and are sticking with it. Aussie pop star Sophie Monk has joined the ranks of Alicia Silverstone to support the GoVeg campaign.  She is shedding her clothes and posing nude in a bed of chili peppers alongside the tagline “Spice Up Your Life—Go Vegetarian.”

According to PETA, Sophia is a longtime vegetarian, and wants fans to know that giving up meat is one of the best things you can do to “spice up your life.”

“If you are going to take your clothes off for something, it better be a good cause,” says Sophie.

Umm, we will just leave it at that. Check out Sophie’s full interview for PETA for further justification of how her nakedness is helping animals.  And for more relevant and tangible information on factory farming, check out and get your free vegetarian starter kit.

4 Responses to Aussie Pop Princess Sophie Monk Bares ALL For PETA

  1. Dana says:

    The Humane Society of the United States also has a useful Vegetarian Starter Kit at

  2. claudia marrapodi says:

    sophie monk is so beautiful and has a heart of gold!

  3. jonathan says:

    You know how bad it hurts when you touch a pepper with your fingers then touch your eye? She’s gonna be in a world of hurt.

  4. Barney Shapiro says:

    Sophie eats at KFC, News at 11!

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