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punky.jpgIf I remember correctly, it wasn’t the original television Punky Brewster from the mid-80s that I watched, but more the cartoon version starring a magical woodchuck-type creature called Glomer that came from a world at the end of the rainbow. In a time of talking humanoid cats fighting evil mummies, it all made perfect sense to a six-year old.

Anyways, the original Punky, Soleil Moon Frye, is now all grown up at 31 and has just opened her own eco-friendly baby store in LA called The Little Seed. Apparently, the former child-star was frustrated in not being able to find enough green products for her two kids and too things into her own hands. From the article, 

“She said it was very difficult for her to find one place that carried non-toxic and organic items for babies, so she wanted to create a place of her own. The store will carry green products, including sustainable furniture from Kalon Studios, organic toys from Zid Zid and non-toxic crayons and paints from Stockmeyer.”

And while we’re on Punky Brewster memory land, I thought I would share this episode recap from Wikipedia. Who knew Punky was so resourceful and witty?

“Other memorable episodes include an incident where Cherie gets locked in an old, junked refrigerator during a game of hide-and-seek (she hid in there and couldn’t get out, and subsequently passed out from lack of oxygen), and Punky has to perform CPR (which she had just learned at school) to save her life, as well as an episode where Punky wants to buy a bra, where she utters the famous line, “I’m getting boobs!” to a shocked and embarrassed Henry.”

Oh 80s — I miss you.

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7 Responses to Punky Brewster Opens Up Her Own Eco-Friendly Baby Store

  1. william b says:

    Hi Punky,
    The 80′s were fun weren’t they! We just wanted to say
    we think the launching of Little Seed, your Eco-friendly kid’s store is definitely E-OK, Environmentally OK. If our little web site,, could somehow be of any service to Little Seed, please ask.

    Good Luck!
    E-OK Kids

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  7. bill says:

    Way to go Punky! Hey there’s another great eco-friendly baby store based in Ohio called Fezziwigs, Baby Gifts and Gear. Check It out.

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