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Sprig has a great video interview with singer/musician Ben Harper that covers everything from his latest eco-friendly album to green tours to organic food. Of particular interest is his announcement that him and his wife (Actress Laura Dern) will be adding solar panels to their home next year; something I’m always happy to hear celebrities moving forward with. You can see the video here. Below are some great quotes from the interview:

On what Green means to him:
“I think we’re in the middle of an environmental renaissance, whether we know it or not. You can really intelliglbly gauage a renaissance until 10 years after it has happened. But in the meantime, there’s a lot to do — and there are a lot of people doing some real exiciting stuff around the planet.”

On being an eco-celebrity:

“When you talk too much about environmentalism, you can become that guy very quickly. But at the same time, you only get one shot to control your reality, and if in controlling your reality, you can make a better reality for the future of the planet, why not?”

On his eco-sins:

“My feet have been the death of more cattle than McDonalds with my shoe collection.”

via Sprig

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