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The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global WarmingLaurie David may have stirred the proverbial green pot this summer with her questionable carbon footprint, but she still knows a thing or two about global warming. Her new book, titled The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming with co-author and fellow environmentalist Cambria Gordon, is geared toward kids ages 8 and up, and is a thorough and accessible look at the many facets of global warming, as well as the impact children can make on the future of the planet.

Broken down into four major chapters – “It’s Getting Hot in Here,” “Weird, Wacky Weather,” “Extinction Stinks,” and “What You Can Do to Stop Global Warming,” The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming is filled with snarky writing and a ton of pop culture references (SpongeBob, the Will Ferrell, and the X-Games are all referenced) to help kids make connections in an otherwise tough concept to grasp. To it’s credit, The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming takes a tricky subject and lays it out well-balanced, and without sugar on top. This is not a book for smaller children, however, who may get scared that global warming means immediately, or who think those cute polar bears can come live with them when their homes melt away. The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming also has a great glossary of global warming terms; a directory of careers for future green crusaders; and many resources for kids to help make their voices known about how much they care about the planet, including promoting the website Stop Global Warming as a next step for global warming education.

It also seems that The Down-to-Earth Guide has created a bit of a stir with the Science and Public Policy Institute, a watchdog non-profit organization “advancing scientific and policy debate in the public health arena”. David explains in a Huffington Post article that the SPPI apparently scoured the book, hoping to find something worth shouting about – and all they could find was a mislabeled chart. With all the controversies surrounding global warming theories, at least we can bring a great book to our kids to let them start conversations about the planet, and let them make up their own minds.

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  • Robert Ferguson

    Someone has emailed us the comments on your blog.

    We wish to correct the misstatement by Ms. Laurie David which you have here repeated without consulting us.

    Ms. David flatters herself that we have spent any significant time at all “scouring” through her graphical book for errors. Someone had sent us the graph and text upon which we briefly commented. It was so egregiously wrong that pointing it out took little time or effort. We have corresponded with some of the scientist she listed as consulting, and they have admitted that the chart is exactly backwards, and that they had never even seen it. The publisher admits as much and says it will be corrected in the next run.

    But the larger point is that the accompanying text made the same case wrongly. For as far back as the proxy ice-core records have been reported, they have shown the opposite of what Ms. David suggests to children: that CO2 drives temperature direction. It is indisputable in the literature that natural temperature changes always preceded changes in CO2 atmospheric concentrations by hundreds of years. Scientists still are unsure of what combination of forcings triggers these cyclical events in geological time scales.

    We recommend to you a good survey paper on these issues found at:

    As for additional errors, we can only suppose that Ms. David repeats some of the errors in Mr. Gore’s book and film. To consider 35 of them, we suggest this paper:

    We welcome constructive comments about our papers, and do not respond with ill-informed, facile ad hominem attacks.

    Robert Ferguson
    President, SPPI

  • David R. Snyder

    “…all they could find was a mislabeled chart”

    That’s quite an understatement.

    The idea that rising CO2 precedes rising temperatures is the cornerstone of the entire anthropogenic global warming debate. Now that that cornerstone has been demolished, the entire AGW theory has collapsed.