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lin59red.jpg“Son you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’ If you don’t stop driving that hot rod Lincoln.”

The minute Neil Young started collaborating with Pearl Jam, I disliked him immensely. I felt the group had found its Yoko Ono and lost some of its creativity. I didn’t mind the guy — just the fact that he was messing with a group that I loved growing up. Ah, the 90s. But I digress…

Neil Young is certainly not holding back from rockin’ with the latest in green rides. The rock legend is currently touring the country in a soon-to-be converted 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV named Linc-Volt . The car visited Google’s HQ last month as part of Neil’s efforts to address the advantages of alternative fuels and get people talking about the technology. Him and his crew will be documenting their experience as they travel. From the post,

“From Mountain View, the journey continues to Wichita, Kansas, where the Mark IV will be converted from a carbureted gas guzzler to a bio-diesel series PHEV. After Neil’s fall tour and annual Bridge School Benefit Concert, the Linc-Volt will undergo interior restoration. Then the bio-diesel-electro-cruiser will power on to Detroit; back to its factory in Wixom, Michigan; and then to the east coast.”

Way to go Neil. While I dislike what you did with Pearl Jam, I love what you’re doing out on the road. Keep on rockin’ in the free world.


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  • Gino Green Global

    Wow! That car is insane looking – I love big cars like that. Neil – you’re a classy guy.

  • Dave

    PJ owes a little bit to Mr. Young. Look at the cover of Harvest and the cover of PJ’s “best of” cd. Flannel shirts and Lincoln’s rule.

  • davidconnell

    No offense man, But Neil is a legend. the dude’s been making music since 1967, which makes Pearl jam exactly qualified to tune his guitar, which is likely older than the members of Pearl Jam. I mean, they’re fine and all, but they were searching out Neil, not the other way ’round.

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  • Mojohito

    It’s difficult for me to imagine that this elaborate retrofit will in any way save energy over its lifetime. The beautiful car is a gas guzzler, but driving (or shipping) it back and forth across the country to replace the motor with ultra-high-tech electronics and ultra-toxic batteries in order to limit putting fossil fuels in the gas tank seems rather wasteful. Has anyone considered that the short lifespan Prius is more energy intensive to manufacture than a Hummer is over its lifetime? This appears to be more of a fashion statement than any legitamate step towards energy conservation…

  • Jennifer Stewart

    More like Pearl Jam was messing with NEIL!!!

  • Mark in Denver

    1) Eddie Vedder loves and worships Neil Young – just relax its all good.

    2) Neil is not suggesting that his adventure is cost efficient but combines Americans insane love of autos with an enviro effort – just relax its all good.

  • http://bio-dieselconversion philip d. h. saam

    can anyone help me find a shop that will convert a chevy blazer diesel to run on this new bio-diesel fuel–in and around the SF -peninsula-SF-San Jose area– Neil Young is serious about being —one goodguy–living right and sharing his feelings-talents -and Wisdom– thanks Neil—

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  • philip saam

    Neil Young has got an inventive genius which must be appreciated by everyone–he has a 59 Lincoln that is battery powered and has a ethinol powered generator to charge the batteries –he is burning about 1 gal/per 80+ miles—–he has done what he said he would do–and we are allgoing to benefit—I salute you Mr Young —thankyou for leading the way to a better world ! thankyou again -sincerely Phil Saam