by Michael dEstries
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ford-escape-hybrid.jpgThe folks at Ford Motors have finally awoken from their Prius-induced coma to realize the power of celebrity. Sure, they’ve been around shuttling people here and there, but this is the first time I know of that they’ve taken charge of a big Hollywood event and grabbed the hybrid spotlight. Well done.

Yesterday,  Ford was the official transportation for the  Screen Actors Guild’s (SAG) Award of Excellence Star on Hollywood Boulevard; celebrating its 75th year. According to ABG, roughly fifteen of Ford’s Escape Hybrids were used to shuttle Screen Actors Guild members and other VIPs “from the breakfast ceremony to Hollywood Boulevard where SAG received The Award of Excellence Star from the Hollywood Historic Trust.”

While I’m expecting that environmentally friendly transportation will soon become a staple of the awards ceremony scene, I would love it if just once everyone walked to the event. How great a statement would that be? Obviously, high heels and other issues destroy my unrealistic expectations, but why not try it? Or how about a horse drawn carriage? Through the streets of LA? Impossible?

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  • Blammo

    That’ll really help the carbon output.
    Being a Ford; I’m sure it won’t be using much fuel while it sits in the shop waiting to be fixed again and again and again and again..
    Looks cool….. buuuuuurp

  • Mr. Know it All

    I’ll second that Blammo. Why the fascination with Toyota’s first generation hybrid technology (developed in late 1990’s)? Yep, that’s right, all of the Ford “gasoline” electric hybrids are using licensed “outdated” Toyota synergy drive system. Since Ford couldn’t do it on their own, Toyota sold Ford what they no longer were using.

    It still uses petroleum (inefficiently)!!