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hayden-panettiere-bikini-01.jpgHayden Panettiere was in was in Taiji, Japan earlier this week, protesting commercial fishing that kills hundreds of dolphins each year. The Heroes star came prepared to do battle by donning a bikini and brining, ahem, attention to the cause. From the article,

“Hayden Panettiere, star of TVs hit series Heroes, paddled out on behalf of Save The Whales Again! She expressed that she felt the spirit of the dolphins who had been driven into the killing cove over the last 400 years.

We had a moment of silence for all the dolphins that had been killed here, said Panettiere, who uses her celebrity to protect dolphins and whales. It was highly emotional. I wished for peace and for no more pain at this beautiful yet tragic cove.

The Taiji fishermen, who defend the kills as part of their traditional fishing culture, had planned to stop the ceremony through force and police arrest. The possibility of a locally led resistance was averted by a dramatic last-minute turnaround. Rastovich was able to broker a meeting with area locals less than 12 hours before the paddle-out crew arrived unannounced at the killing cove.”

Locally led resistance? Sounds intense! Kudos to Hayden for lending her celebrity to the cause. Click here to learn more about the organization.

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  • Mr. Know it All

    Nothing sexier than a young lady traveling halfway across the globe to save our fellow mammals. The fact that she is in a bikini and very attractive is a bonus. WAY TO GO HAYDEN. Just get out of that gasoline using Prius and into a Honda Civic GX, and you’ll show others in Hollywood that you’re informed which is really the “Greenest Car.”

  • Chester Davis

    She should focus her attention on helping people escape opperssion or violence. What is the relevance of her body, or her bikini? Would her actions be less laudable if she happened to be a fat, pastey 280 pound man? In general, I think people think so.

  • Hi5 Codes

    I just read that she STILL hasnt gotten rid of ther big SUV’s yet… she needs to set a little better example in my opinion.

  • Karl Seiler

    your awesome and you and your friends are 100% in the right. the people going after the dolphins and whales are greedy ignorant pieces of garbage! i would really like to participate and confront them with you all. if you find time please e mail me and let me know how i can help in any way. keep up the great work. you are the true heroes

  • Jill

    she is so stupid. maybe she should try helping real endangered animals, like the right whale or manatees.

    its probably more wasteful and toxic to always be traveling around the world for superficial reasons.

    the dolphins that they kill are over populating the shore, they are not killing endangered animals. she’s just looking for a way to gain more celebrity.

  • Colby

    don’t get mad Jill because you ain’t fine like her!!!!!

  • caroline

    Oh for goodness sake! It is just embarrassing to see serious points made by a woman in a bikini! As others have pointed out, there are far better things she could have done without travelling thousands of miles – giving up her SUV’s would certainly be a start.

  • Laurannn!

    Omg Hayden Rocks!
    and for you poeple who donnt thinks she does well i dont see ur butt on the headlines ,infact even helping!
    and who cares if they arnt endangered
    they still are a living breathing thing
    and its cruel to kill them!
    sickish people!

    my project is on you!
    your a true hero
    and You rock!!!!

  • http://lalala devon and misha

    you rock 4 that Hayden!!!!!!!

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  • jesustakemygreenwheel

    She is making the idea of saving whales look good by looking good herself. I am glad that she is helping our environment

  • Chloe

    It’s a shame the bag she designed for Dooney & Bourke is leather. I take it she’s not up for saving cows.

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  • becky

    Go Hayden.

    You doing more then your detractors are doing, sitting here complaining on the internet while sitting on their butts in front of their computers.

  • the outsider

    to those of you, that sit there and snigger at the fact, that Ms Panettiere, a profesional actress (and as all of us a normal human being)shows some interest in our world’s marine bioligy or creatres of today does not give you one ounce, not even one milligram of ownership or right to judge her and say that she is doing wrong. people that have written or are going to write judgmental comments, ask yourself this, if you had the money that Ms Panettiere has at her disposal and had the passion that she does for the dolphins she shows interest in, would you not try n do your best in helping the cause to save a dolphin or two? although, your interest may no be the dolphins, it may be the bengal tiger or the lynx also known as the bob cat or another spicies of this great world’s unfortunate endangered animals but no doubt you would do your utmost to try n help the endangered species that you have a passion for (like Ms. Panettiere) to survive and not get killed or even culled. today’s society looks upon the celebrities and sports figures of the world today as their role modles, but deep down they’re just normal human beings like YOU and ME that are great at what they do and are lucky enough to get a world wide recognition for their talents i mean c’mon you dont see an exceptionaly outstanding school teacher receiving world wide recognition for the good they’ve done for the pupils or even a mechanic or a chef or an office worker getting the world wide recognition for the work theyve done do you its just because the celebrities are exactly that, celebrities…. some one that is in the eye of the public for his or her roles in world wide viewings or societies and just because they have that status they get judge for petty and every day things or mistakes that all people make by people that are sitting in glass houses for doing something about there passion or interest that if given the chance i feel any one of us non-world recognised celebrities would do as they have done and act upon our liberational will to fulfill our rights to protest and stand up to the bullies that act against the defenseless endangered or non endangered animals of this world. to top it off the hypocrites that judge this young woman about her passions and say “she is yet still driving or owning her SUV’S” take a look at your own lives and see how much of a contradictory statement you are making against her in the instance that you yourself are driving a polutionising car or leaving a light on leaving the ever elusive “CARBON FOOTPRINT” visible from your actions, yet the ever so judgmental people (that make these outrageous comments) can hide from the public viewing because you dont have that status that Ms Panettier herself has like most celebrities,you yourself should just be thankful that people out there that make that kind of money and are of the age that Ms Panettier is of are making the contributions spending their own time and money trying to save something for the simple fact that they are just doing as any of us right minded people that if ever given such an opportunity would do and save a living creatue. so to you psycophantics ot there, next time you even begin to judge some one for any thing think long and hard about what you are saying about that person and see how you haven’t done all that you can do about that topic your picking on because of whatever excuse you may have because they are the people that are sacrifising their own money and time THEY’RE the ones that are being recognised and unfairly or fairly judge for something that they’re doing something that feel is…..

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  • Wolf25

    What is wrong with you people? Who cares if she is wearing a bikini or whatever? First I mean if you are one of those un happy about your body (like me) then do something about it. Don’t attack someone else because of how they look. Second none of you aren’t even looking past the pretty girl and at the issue at hand so why are you even commenting on this stuff? Okay whoppeee she is pretty/hot. Whooppee that she is a famous celebrity and is rich beyond our wildest dreams. WHO FREAKIN CARES!? The problem with you people is you do no pay attention to the right things she does. For instance when she turned 18 what was the first thing she did? She registered to vote. Now how many of you can say the same damn thing for any other 18 year old outside yourself or family Hmmm? Another instance is when we were going through the election of either a first African American or Woman president how many of you can say that you got completely involved with the election like she did Hmmm? No none of you can say that because you are more than likely like me and say “Who cares?” You see you guys on here in internet world probably never leave your homes or have dead end lives. Why don’t you take the time to pay attention to the real issues at hand instead of taking the time to creating different ones. I mean she is out there using whatever means she can to communicate a concern to the world. As a matter of fact she stated one time in an interview “that it is a shame that the only way anything gets done or fixed is if someone rich or popular or whatever communicates it to the world and it gets done”. She is right you know. I personally didn’t know anything about saving the whales or dolphins until I started paying attention to her. So do me a favor and stop focusing on what she wears or eats or drives or whatever and just focus on what she is talking about. That way you will be smarter for it and on top of that you might actually come up with a good idea to solving a problem. She is Hollywood. And regardless whether we like her or not she is doing something and will continue to doing something for one of the worlds problems. And for that comment I read earlier no offense but saving a human life is harder to do than an animals. What you are talking about involves the government bodies of two nations and no offense to her but I highly doubt she can have any influence on our government. So for that comment shove it back up your ass. As for the leather bag crap no offense but we are all human. Like, I like my Dodge Ram truck. I would never give it up for anything in the world. I do however feel bad that it is a gas guzzler and well polutes the air more than your now adays cars. Does it make me bad or “evil”. Hell NO! Just means I have a taste for trucks and will not change on that for anything. So Shut UP about all the tiny little things you people can complain about and just listen to what she has to say. You do realize we live in a nation where we have the right to listen or not right? So with all that said I commend her for someone her age to standing up for something they believe in and using what they have to do it. I think at the very least we could all learn to do that for ourselves and stop backing down from all the hellish things we encounter in our lives. I am not sorry for all those I pissed off on here and personally if you do get that way well you deserve it. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves and need to go back to relearn what it means to be an adult. So have a good day and I pray and hope that you will learn something new or at least die trying. Thank you and have a good day.


  • Felix

    I’m a whale, I need to be salved by a girl on a bikini too

  • addi

    wow..she’s looks hot…