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nbc-logo.jpgThis should be interesting.

As we reported earlier, NBC is taking green to the TV by incorporating eco-friendly themes into some of its more popular shows through the week of November 5th. We’ve been kept in the dark as to how these shows would get their green groove on, but TV Guide has leaked the goods early. Here are some brief highlights:

The Office

After Ryan (B.J. Novak) excludes Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) from a corporate wilderness retreat, Michael heads into the woods for his own survival adventure with nothing but the suit on his back. Back at work, Jim (John Krasinski) tries to revolutionize the office birthday party.


After watching “An Inconvenient Truth,” the Janitor (Neil Flynn) vows to save the world by becoming the “Environmental Officer” at Sacred Heart, but the staff soon finds out that his methods of motivation are a bit peculiar. Meanwhile, J.D. (Zach Braff) has to face his own inconvenient truth when his brother, Dan (Tom Cavanagh, “Ed”), returns to town and tells him that it is time to “grow up.”

30 Rock

As part of a GE-wide green initiative, Jack (Alec Baldwin) has come up with the idea of creating a green mascot for NBC — a Phillie Phanatic-looking character named Greenzo. When Greenzo’s eco-friendly preachiness gets obnoxiously out of hand in “TGS with Tracy Jordan” offices, it’s Liz (Tina Fey) who gets fed up the most with the ridiculous character.

The Singing Bee

Songs about the earth and environment take center stage in an eco-friendly installment that is aimed at promoting the universal cause. “Green” surprises are in store as contestants are challenged to accurately sing the lyrics to popular songs that touch on this subject matter in a variety of karaoke-style competitions.

The Biggest Loser

The red, blue and black teams all go “green” for the week as they participate in recycling and learn how to implement new environmentally friendly habits in their lives. They also discover how to exercise without the aid of electricity, taking their workouts to a whole new level. This week’s challenge is all about recycling, and the winners get something really eco-friendly — Ford Escape hybrid cars!

For the full list, hit TV Guide.

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  • Joey

    This is craziness, and anyone who calls themselves an “environmentalist” should cringe at the absolute hypocrisy of NBC.

    They are insulting everyone’s intelligence by using their massive electricity-using industry as a vehicle to somehow convince we average people that we should buy more of what they’re selling, and be more ‘eco-conscious”. PLEASE. What’s good for the goose…

    If they really cared about “saving the earth”, they would tell everyone to turn off their televisions, and shut down all of the studios for a week…A black screen that said, “Off the air for the environment”. That would have made a much bigger impact. These people are looking to make money, and that’s all. Unfortunately, they’re attempting to do it by telling us to do something that they refuse to: Use less energy.

    If a preacher told you not to have premarital sex, and during the very sermon he was using to convince you not to, had a tour bus full of hookers out in the church parking lot waiting for him in plain view of the congregation, would you heed his advice?

    And trust me, I’m an all-out capitalist, and even I think this whole “Green Week” thing is a joke, even if they do believe they’ll make more money from it (which I don’t believe they will). The blogosphere is full of people making fun of these fools, on both sides of the debate.

  • gooniebird

    So how many hours of kilowatt electricity will we be using while watching all this mindless green drivle?