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Hollywood hunk and actor best known for his portrayal of Malcolm Reynolds on Joss Whedon’s cult-classic FireFly, Nathan Fillion has been keeping busy as of late, but apparently he’s not too busy to lighten his carbon footprint. When asked by The Blue Penny what he was doing as his part for the environment, he kindly sent back a reply that reeked of sincere charm as well as eco-friendliness.

“To do a little good by way of the earth, ” Nathan Fillion replied, ” I ride an electric skateboard to run grocery trips and errands around the neighborhood.” He went on further describing it as an Urban Mover 70. He also shared his present plans to trade in his car for a hybrid. He is currently in the process of researching it, looking to find the right one.

A native Canadian, Fillion is looking to carve out an active acting career in L.A. while being ecologically responsible. Perhaps he can trade in his Browncoat, for a Green one.

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  • vanessa

    I love nathan fillion. I love that he is down to earth and he is natraly very sweet and very funny.
    I want to see more of him. and I wish they would stop cutting off his shows!

  • scott watson

    Nathan Fillion arrived June 26,2009 at Bungie to play HALO ODST in which he provides voice-acting and brings attitude to the game! Bungie,Nathan and I/scott partied late into the night at the Central Club in Kirkland,Washington. I talked with Nathan about his Electric Skateboard-which is an Altered (at home) with a flat tire, Here is a fix-mom tell Nathan to fill the tires with (A)&(B) silicon compound,Blackstone fills my Duro 11×6.00-5 tires which makes them “FLAT PROOF” AND SUPER BOUNCY.

    I design 1500watt and 22500watt electric skateboards-GO TO UTUBE!

    If you need more details send me an email.