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253931.jpgstarLovable actress Reese Witherspoon has recently been named The Avon Foundation’s first ever global ambassador and honorary chair. According to PETA, she is also the newest face of Avon cosmetics, and recently shot a new commercial for the cruelty-free company. [more]

starCindy Crawford is joining the likes of Sharon Stone by flaunting fur in the public eye. The former supermodel was once part of PETA’s anti-fur campaign — and even signed a letter promising to denounce the industry at every opportunity.  Alas. Crawford just showed up on the cover of the November issue of Russian Vogue wearing an array of dead animals. Frightening. [more]

starHas Prince Harry killed an extremely rare bird? Inquiries are underway in the UK over the shooting over two hen harriers; of which there are only 20 breeding pairs in all the country. Apparently, Harry and a friend were in the area at the time of the incident, but mums the word on whether or not they were shooting (which probably means, yes). The culprit faces up to six months in jail and a fine of £5,000. [more]

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  • Ann Nonymouse

    Avon Foundation is rather unethical with their fundraising tactics called “commitment to fundraise” where they basically force their volunteers to “commit” to raising 1800 dollars. The deal is that Avon gets it out of them “one way or another” as a relative of mine was told at the Los Angeles meetings. In other words, they take the volunteer’s credit card numbers so that the amount “committed” is guaranteed, aka, extorted. Not actually fundraising Avon, is it. More like, holding the volunteers credit cards hostage in lieu of actual fundraising activities. Not sure I’d want to align myself with such a group, breast cancer research or not.