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VegNews 2007 Veggie Award Winner IssueWe are so excited to announce that we are a VegNews 2007 Veggie Award Winner! It is an honor to be chosen for Blog of the Year. VegNews is the place to get your vegetarian news and celebrity buzz, which makes it one of our favorites, too! And now for our acceptance speech. Ahem…

We’d like to thank all of you for reading, commenting, and coming back day after day. Ecorazzi was originally just a tiny idea that Michael & I assumed would stay quite tiny…and then it all exploded. We’ve been trying to keep up ever since, providing you with celebrity gossip & entertainment news, but with a green twist. You all are the reason that we get up and get typing each day. Thank you.

And of course, we couldn’t have done it without our team of contributors, who provide us with incredible content, all just because they too love Ecorazzi. Please visit their websites and businesses – they all have their own projects, many related to our own passions.

We’ve got a lot in store for the near future, including a gorgeous new site. You’re gonna love it. Stay tuned, let us know how we can do better, and keep coming back. We’re always open!

The latest issue of VegNews is available on newsstands now and through

Read our “Blog of the Year” press release here.

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Rebecca Carter is the Co-Founder of Ecorazzi. Rebecca was recently featured in the book Hot, Rich, and Green. She is one of 70 eco-achievers featured in Glamour magazine in April 2009, named Best of Green 2010 by Miami Magazine and Best Environmentalist by Miami New Times Best of 2008. She's raising a couple of little boys in Miami and speaks English & Spanish. Find out more at Follow Rebecca on Twitter: @rebeccacarter

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  • Sally

    congrats guys! that’s fantastic.

  • valerie


  • Daisy

    The glasses are beautiful, but are you kidding me? They cost $40 each! The “gift sets” of 12 are $456! Buying environmentally-sound gifts is great, but I can’t imagine blowing that much money on a votive-sized glass that I could get at Target for $3.

    Yes, I know that they are supposed to be better for the Earth than the Target glasses, but there is a point when the cost outweighs the green factor.

    This is the problem with most green products–they are too expensive for everyone but the type of environmentalists who can afford couture organic outfits and shop at the upscale stores. I get that saving the Earth is important, but I’m not willing to pay that much extra money for “green” products to do it. I’d rather get the “unfriendly” versions and stay out of debt. The typical difference in price between green and not-green is too steep for me.

    I really think that many of these green Earth-saving products are rip-offs, and the creators are using environmentalism as a gimmick to sell more units and generate more profit. Not that that is a bad thing. If there weren’t a market for this type of product, then people wouldn’t sell them.

    “Green capitalism” is a way for well-to-do environmentally conscious people to spend their money without feeling so guilty. Did PT Barnum predict the Green buying craze when he said “There’s a sucker born every day?”

    $456 for a set of 12 votive candle holders???

  • becky

    Great job you guys! I love this site!

  • VicariousMe

    Big Ups! Never heard of your site until the VegNews article and now I just might be…dare I say it…an ADDICT!! Thanks for balancing the scales in the world of celebrity gossip. You rock!