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josh-bernstein.jpgFormer host of the History Channel’s highest rated program, Digging for the Truth, Josh Bernstein is prepping for his next adventure on the Discovery Channel next summer. The new show will include a host of subjects ranging from the environment, archeology, DNA, and history, to science.

Bernstein was recently interviewed and had a few comments on global warming; specifically those to challenge the science behind the idea. From the article,

“How do you feel about the BBC’s recent show The Global Warming Swindle, where they are trying to convince people that the whole global warming thing is a crock and a political ploy to garner big research money for academics?

‘I haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t comment on the show specifically. But my sense is that global warming is a quantifiable fact based on data produced by unbiased scientists. Whether one believes in it or not is irrelevant — if I don’t believe in gravity that doesn’t mean I’m exempt from its effect on me. But I’ll watch the film this weekend and consider the points raised. Perhaps I’ve missed something. At this point, though, it seems to me that the upside of creating a more earth-conscious lifestyle for our planet can only benefit us and the others who share this planet with us. The downside of doing nothing is much worse and not a risk I feel is worth taking. So if I have to make some sacrifices today to avoid what some say could be a world-altering catastrophe tomorrow, that’s something I’m willing to do’.”

Well said. For the record, Bernstein does not wear a fedora like Indiana and would like everyone to know his fashion sense has nothing to do with the fictional archaeologist.

No worries, mate. I don’t think the ladies mind…

via American Chronicle

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